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12548958_1095140857184701_2313172715474656656_nWhat is it about a fresh snowfall that makes our hearts leap with joy? Maybe its the excitement of watching and waiting, never quite knowing what the end result will be. Or possibly it’s the pure joy of feeling snowflakes on our face as we look up towards the sky.

With a big snow forecast in Kentucky, the Administrator of Oakview Care and Rehabilitation Center, did as any servant leader would do. She packed her bags to spend a few nights at the home so she could be there if needed. It was during this time of giving that she received her largest blessing.

 12592347_1095140830518037_9089752967934504908_nSarah recounts the story below:

With the impending forecaset, I decided to spend the night at our home. I woke up around 3:00 a.m. and decided to check out the snow situation. I saw several nurses and nursing assistants had gathered at the front door to take in the scenery. The freezing rain had finally stopped and converted to snow. Leann Gardner, one of our nurses, stopped to tell me that one of our Elders had been waiting up all night for the snow to arrive! She said he was so excited when it finally began and that they had stood by the window together to watch. She also mentioned that he could hardly wait to touch the snow. It was then that I grabbed my robe and snow boots and headed down to his room.

1915384_1095140927184694_4136196577564154304_nWhen I walked into his room, he couldn’t believe that I was there in the middle of the night. After I explained why, I asked him if he wanted to go outside and see the snow. I got a definitive YES!. After he was dressed, we linked arms together and we made our way to the front door.

Once outside the snow was so beautiful. Mr. Hack commented on how the flakes felt wet when they hit his face. We just stood and watched the snow fall together. After standing quietlly and taking in the view, he was ready to walk back to the porch.

He turned to me as we approached the porch and said, “You know its been a long time since I made a snowball! Do you think this is good packing snow?”.  The snow had already piled up pretty high on our porch rail by then so I simply scooped up a handful to see if it was wet enough to pack. I offered it up to Mr. Hack and he began to pack it! I could tell he was “itching” to throw it, so I offered myself up. I told him, “Go ahead, just throw it at me!”. He looked at me like there was some kind of catch or I was setting him up. He agreed to throw it at me but only if I would cover my head! We tossed around a little more snow, then decided to go back inside. He had the best smile on his face and so did I.

12400625_1095141037184683_2596072472808874477_nMr Hack went back to his room and I went to mine. I was now wide awake and my heart was so warm. It felt so good! We often talk about “simple pleasures” but it was in that moment that I knew what had just happened! I had been given an opportunity to help him experience something that he hadn’t done in years. Better than any medicine, we conjured a memory and added another experience to Mr. Hack’s “book of life”!

Someone once said that “a snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship”. I can’t imagine any more perfect way to celebrate the first big snow of the season than between two friends sharing a special moment in time.