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2 I’ve had the pleasure to watch Riverview Healthcare Center transform from a institution to a true home over the past four years. Their journey has been one of the most inspiring stories to share over and over again. Even when frost sets in, their determination to do the impossible pushes them forward to another level.


Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality shared this beautiful story today about the latest developments at Riverview.

7Our culture change journey here at Riverview has been much like a golf game. Sometimes the course has been very challenging. Sometimes you think things are going great and other times you may feel like your game is not exactly up to par. Today however, we hit a hole-in-one on our culture change journey.

As we’ve journeyed from becoming an Eden Alternative Registered Home to accomplishing Milestone 2 and pressing toward Milestone 3, there’s been many noticeable transformations that have taken place. We’ve transformed individuals by educating them. In doing so, we’ve seen people not only have a change of mind but also a change of heart. We’ve also transformed organizationally. Everyone is a partner together in care here, and person directed care is what we believe in when it come to the elders and their well-being. Along with all this, there’s been some pretty noticeable physical transformations as well. Our Mugg-Z Café continues to grow in popularity and has become a daily lunch destination for many people in our surrounding area. We’ve had lots of enjoyment out of our Riverview Theatre that is not “like” a real movie theatre, it is a real movie theatre. Our Fred Harris Memorial Library, Riverview Chapel, Neighborhood Post Offices, Riverview Barber Shop & Boutique can been seen as you stroll through the neighborhoods of our Riverview community, and we can’t forget our Riverview Restaurant & Grille that provides a real restaurant experience for the Elders.

02Today marked the grand opening for another wonderful addition to our Riverview community, as we officially opened the Riverview Country Club. Now the elders can enjoy the beautiful scenery that surround them and enjoy a relaxing nine hole game of miniature golf. A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held and the elders hit the links to sink a few birdies. A cold “Arnold Palmer” and cookies was served under the gazebo connected to this new golf course.

It was certainly a wonderful day and memorable mile marker on our culture change journey. Just another reminder that no matter how much of a slump you may feel that you’re in, keep on swinging because you never know when you’ll land your next hole-in-one on your journey to culture change!-Phillip Ramey, Director of Spirituality

00Phillip is correct, our culture change journey depends on us. We have to lay the groundwork by showing up to play! In order for our great visions to come true, we have to go swing the club! I can’t wait to see what Riverview “swings” at next!