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Stan at the Braves“Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”-Babe Ruth

Such a powerful quote to share as our first Signature Hometown Vacation kicks off in Atlanta this week. 75 Elders and Stakeholders traveled to Atlanta, Georgia yesterday to begin a fun few days of exploring the city.


Creekside at the gameAs the Elders arrived, we began to hear their stories and their plans for the week! Many of them are so excited about the promises of a major league baseball game or even seeing the seals at the aquarium! No matter what it was, everyone had an idea of what their vacation would be like this week!  After everyone got settled in their room it was time to head out to the Braves game! Excitement was in the air as everyone boarded the buses to travel to Turner Field.

Courtyard at the gameCurtis, an Elder living at Signature HealthCare at Courtyard, eyes lit up when speaking of his beloved Atlanta Braves.  He shared with me the history of the team along with every statistic for the past several years. One thing was clear, he loves the Braves and couldn’t wait to see them play!

Then we got to meet Jimmy, an Elder living at Mallard Bay, who was overjoyed to be at his first Major League baseball game! He wanted to go shopping to have “proof” that he had actually been to a game!

The game was packed with joy for the Elders. As I looked around at them, they had smiles of contentment on their faces! They were wrapped up in life’s special moments, whether it be trying to get on the “jumbotron” or enjoying the taste of a ball park hot dog.

Ezell at the gameWe never know the joy we can bring to our Elders unless we try. It’s all about getting up and swinging the bat, hoping for a victory! The Elder vacations are simply about living life, enjoying the moment and being renewed in every sense. I would say the first day was a home run, but stay tuned to watch the joy unfold for our Elders this week in Atlanta!