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IMG_5463We don’t live for days, we live for moments. The moments that fill our lives with sweetness, love and joy. Those are the moments we aren’t likely to forget-the ones that take our breath away. The 2016 Atlanta Elder Vacation has been filled with too many life changing moments to ever count but I wanted to share a few that stood out to me this week:

IMG_5275It was the moment that the Elders arrived full of joy and excitement, wondering what this adventure would hold for them.

It was the moment that Skip showed up to the Braves game in his new Braves helmet, so excited to meet new friends and make memories along the way.

IMG_5444It was the glee in two Elder’s eyes as their families surprised them with visits during the trip!

It was the pride in our Elder’s face’s as they proved to the world what they were capable of doing!

It was the passion of Mr Curtis as he shared every Braves statistic with us.

IMG_5425It was the moment that our Stakeholders realized anything was possible in this revolution.

It was the insistence of Mr Charlie on purchasing an item everywhere so he could “prove” he really came.

It was in the laughter of everyone as it floated through the air and intrigued others around us.

It was the overwhelming moment that Maria realized 75 people were singing Happy Birthday to her.

It was the spontaneity of dancing IMG_5423after dinner and not caring about who was watching.

It was the love of friendship and the familiarity of being with family even though everyone just met a few days ago.


IMG_5519These are only a few moments that were captured from this week in Atlanta but there were so many more. From the awe of visiting the Georgia Aquarium to the fun of tasting Coca-Cola from around the world, every second was beautiful. For all of us it’s a beautiful promise of tomorrow that captures our hearts and teaches us that we have yet so much life to live. As this Elder vacation comes to a close IMG_5445tomorrow, we are reminded to live fully in the moments that life hands us as they are truly what’s important.