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HarrodsburgSpirit of NorfolkBeach 2I saw this quote once, “Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.”  Reflecting back on the day in Virginia Beach, it was nothing short of memorable.  Waking up this morning, I looked out on the beach at sunrise and there were some of our Elders enjoying the beauty of God’s creations.  Tired yes, but yet so excited to start the day.

After breakfast, everyone had their own plans for our “free day!”  Treasures were captured as many walked the entire length of the boardwalk searching for the perfect souvenir or gift to return home with.  More treasures were found as some jumped on the local trolley to tour the city and visit the aquarium!

Some Elders couldn’t wait to relax on the beach this morning. Many got their feet in the ocean for the first time and marveled at how beautiful it really was. Priceless treasures were revealed with the strengthening of relationships as we got to know each better. Laughter filled the air as an Elder buried Nancy in the sand.

Day soon became evening and it was time to board The Spirit of Norfolk for our dinner cruise.  The view was beautiful but the camaraderie was the most treasured part. Once the dance floor opened, our Elders jumped in to teach the other passengers Heritage Hall 3some new moves. Etwell finally found a gentleman who offered her a dance. The other passengers were sparked to life by our beautiful Elders, teaching them to take advantage of every moment.

We’ve discovered our greatest treasures to be the memories we’ve created together this week. The spark of companionship that drives out loneliness and welcomes joy to the lives of our Elders has been evident everywhere we      turn. These moments are truly timeless and will be tucked away in the depths of our hearts that we can take out often, remember with fondness and then place back. Memories that we’ve placed there with love as we move forward in life.