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WWII Play 2Picasso once said that “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.  I’ve always known that the impact of the arts in our communities could influence well-being while becoming a springboard for the creativity that lies within each of us.

The Elders at Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation recently embarked on a new journey into the performance arts. Kelsey Adams, Quality of Life Director, shares their story below:

To honor the men and women who lived and served during World War II our Elders and Stakeholders joined forces to create “The Greatest Generation” a WWII Play. The planning and preparation started well before our opening night on September 29th. We held meetings regularly to write the script, create props and design our costumes!  The first night of our live performance was held in our home’s dining room with several family members and Elders in attendance. The second night the show went on the road as we were able to perform our original script at the Rockcastle County High School auditorium. It was really during this performance that our very talented actors enjoyed the experience of performing in a real theatre setting. Our play was a huge success and we have made plans to do both a Thanksgiving and Christmas Play.  

WWII Play 1I can’t imagine the excitement the Elders must have had in showcasing their talents in this way. The mere act of creating something truly does wash the dust away from our souls! Programs that engage Elders in the world around them are meaningful to them and demonstrate the growth and creativity that dwells within each of us as individuals.  Igniting creativity in others unlocks a door of potential that never closes and unleashes a new power that can change the views of those around us. Our Elders at Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation are changing the way others perceive aging and the role of creativity in the aging process.