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Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  This rang true today as over twenty Elders from Signature HealthCare homes boarded their flights to Panama City Beach for three days of adventure!

Adventure means different things to different people. For Catherine, an Elder from Kentucky, it will be the thrill of parasailing with her two granddaughters who joined her on this vacation. For Edith, adventure means simply laying on the beach while life’s cares are whispered away in the ocean’s waves. For Darla, it has meant being away from her mother for the very first time in her life. For Stella, it is the excitement of swimming with the dolphins and encountering them up close. For JoAnn, it was the act of dancing tonight that evoked sweet memories of her husband. For many it was the thrill of flying or seeing the ocean for the first time.  That’s the beauty of adventure. It never comes with all the details, just a glimpse into what might could happen. It never discriminates against age and will meet each Elder where they are at in life. Adventure brings with it joy, laughter and the very act of living.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. If given the choice, wouldn’t we all want to be part of the daring? Wouldn’t each of us want the rush of excitement as we rise up to meet the day? Not quite sure what to expect but fully knowing destiny awaits out there for us?

Our Elders will experience all of this and more over the next few days. Stay tuned as tomorrow’s adventure awaits!