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We’ve kicked off our 18th Elder Vacation and this time we’ve landed deep in the heart of Texas!  72 Elders and Stakeholders are gathering in San Antonio this week for a wild west adventure.  We started the trip with a true Mexican fiesta at Rio Rio Cantina on San Antonio’s beautiful Riverwalk.  The restaurant helped set the mood for this week’s fun with it’s wonderful food and music. We were even treated to a Mariachi Trio during our meal to create the perfect atmosphere for dinner.  Hometown’s dancing “queen and king”, Bonnie and Scott ,even shared a special dance to launch the week’s festivities!

This morning we toured the Alamo. I could hear the Elder’s speaking with excitement about seeing this historical place that many of them had only seen in movies before. After all, this is the first trip to San Antonio for most of our group.  I think everyone was blown away with the beauty of The Alamo. I heard someone shout “Remember The Alamo” on more than one occasion!

Next on our tour was to have lunch at the historic Menger Hotel.  The hotel was built in 1859 and has housed many famous guests including several of our Presidents!  Our Elders enjoyed having the opportunity to relax in the beautiful Minuet room while having an exceptional lunch together.  Some even decided to take the historical hotel tour after the noon meal.

The afternoon flew by as everyone parted ways for some free time. Some people enjoyed shopping while others had special things to mark off their vacation checklist.  It wasn’t long though until our group came back together to board river barges for a historic river tour. We learned all about the River Walk and local culture while cruising down the scenic river.  Then it was off to dinner at Saltgrass Steak House for our evening meal.

I really had the chance to reflect on the day while sitting at dinner. It wasn’t hard to miss all of the joy and laughter that filled the room while everyone talked about their day and the things they had been part of. It was easy to hear different stories and how the day’s events had impacted each person. The most rewarding part  for me was just listening to and seeing the happiness on the faces of our Elders and Stakeholders. For both it was a day of just being friends and a beautiful reminder that love transcends all.

Stay tuned to check out our dude ranch experience tomorrow!