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Turkeys, turkeys everywhere! This past week Elders and Stakeholders from all over Signature HealthCARE joined together for our largest Turkey Trot event ever. With over 100 Signature HealthCARE communities participating as well as stakeholders from our corporate offices and regional teams, it was a huge success

Last week’s trot included so many fun moments that I could never put them all here. For example, Signature HealthCARE of Gainesville invited theĀ Gators Marching BandĀ to join them and nearly fifty band members marched through the halls creating spontaneous laughter for the Elders who live there. In other instances, stakeholders dressed as turkeys encouraged Elders to get up and get moving by walking, dancing, bowling and lots of other things! There were turkey calls, turkey art and explosions of creativity across our communities in ten states. corporate stakeholders also participated by joining in on a range of events in their offices throughout the day. To top off the fun, regional stakeholders led our CEO’s and DON’s in their own version of the chicken dance.

The best part of the day was the spirit of community I witnessed across Signature nation. What does it mean to build community? Community building is all about bridging the gaps that naturally occur among individuals with something that is purposeful and meaningful to everyone involved. When communities start to form on the local level it breeds engagement and excellence. When community is built on an organizational level it deepens our commitment to the values we hold true and believe in. Most importantly, building community facilitates meaning and purpose in the lives of the Elders who live with us. It offers up opportunities for creativity to flourish and joy to be abundant! A reminder to each of us that the simple things in life are often the most enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving!