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When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for holiday mail to arrive at our house. My mother would always display the Christmas cards we got in our house, as if to remind us of the care they were sent with. Those cards were written with love and well wishes for us in mind. They were deliberate in their comforting messages and we would save every single one.

This year, the team at Signature HealthCARE had a whimsical thought. What if every Elder living in our communities could experience the excitement and joy that a holiday card could bring? What if we could somehow collect 10,000 holiday cards for our Elders? At first, the notion seemed impossible, almost out of reach. However, as a team, we have never backed down from challenging the status quo to make sure our Elders have the best life has to offer. Armed with confidence and determination, we chose to move forward with the plan.




What we didn’t expect was the outpouring of support from people around the country. Slowly, Christmas cards started to trickle through the mail to our corporate offices in Louisville, Kentucky. In fact, it wasn’t long before schools, daycares, churches and our corporate Stakeholders began bringing in Christmas cards by the dozens!

Then, as if fate intervened to help us pull off our Christmas miracle, two Louisville organizations agreed to partner with us to reach our goal. The Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana asked their troops to help create Christmas cards for us. They also visited our Elders in several locations to bring some joy to their day. Jefferson County Public School system also agreed to partner with us. They gave all their middle school students one hour in the school day to make holiday cards for our Elders. It was happening! Suddenly, we had thousands of Christmas cards coming in.




Our Signature HealthCARE stakeholders also worked hard to help us reach the goal. Many of them holding card parties in their neighborhoods, asking their churches to participate and going above and beyond to hand write their own personal messages to our Elders.We shipped over 10,000 Christmas cards earlier this week. It is three days before Christmas and Elders living with us all over the organization are beginning to receive their Christmas mail.




This is community. I can’t help but picture the smiles and laughter of the many thousands of people who created these Christmas cards and then the smiles of the Elders who will open them. The transference of well wishes and thoughtfulness that excited me when I was a child during this magical season still brings joy to my heart. Happy Holidays!