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I am convinced that holiday cards are a gift of love. It is so special to open the mailbox during this holiday season and realize that someone cared enough to send you something so beautiful. I can remember the days when my family would get lots of cards from people near and far. Those cards would be hung proudly around the door of our living room so that we could revisit those special messages each day from friends and family.  It was special. It was a reminder that we were loved.

Today we were able to share that same warmth with the 11,000 Elders living in our Signature HealthCARE communities. What once started as a dream has blossomed into reality for our Elders. This year because of so many amazing people across the country, we were able to collect and ship 25,198 holiday cards!

This year’s holiday card drive kicked off with the Kentuckiana Girl Scouts! We were able to spend time with them at Signature HealthCARE of Sunrise Manor, where they came to spend a morning making holiday cards alongside our Elders. There was so much joy exchanged as they worked together to not only create beautiful handmade cards, but memories! In addition, Girl Scout troops all over Western KY collected and sent in holiday cards to support us!

Our Chaplains also helped contribute to the holiday card drive by asking local communities to help support the cause. We received several thousand cards from churches, schools and organizations that were coordinated by our Chaplains.

We concluded the holiday drive this past week with a holiday performance and ceremony at Signature HealthCARE of Jefferson Manor by the Jefferson County Public Middle Schools students! This year was our second year to partner with Jefferson County Public Schools to create holiday cards for our Elders. We are so thankful for their contribution of 10,000 homemade cards!  The cards were absolutely beautiful and displayed the creativity of each child.

We were able to send holiday cards to all of our Elders plus many more! We shared them with nursing homes, hospitals, and homeless shelters to honor the spirit with which they were donated!

To all of you who helped to make this big dream a reality, thank you. Thank you for sharing some of your love with others who may desperately need it this holiday season. I hope that the magic of the holidays finds its way into your lives this year!