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There is a secret power that manifests itself when individuals can share in an experience together. A moment in time that continues to be ever present even after it ends.  I’ve had such a rich opportunity to see this type of connection happen time and time again. Relationships of this nature happen daily in both big and small ways across our communities. For example, we’ve seen the friendship blossom on our elder vacations between stakeholders and elders in ways that we could never have imagined. There is something special about intentionally creating a moment that warms the soil for relationships to prosper long after the moment passes.

This week, Signature Inspire Foundation , is helping to coordinate a shared experience for our elders, stakeholders, and families. On Thursday afternoon, country music star, JD Shelburne, will share his musical gifts with our Signature HealthCARE family.

Of course, JD is no stranger to Signature HealthCARE, as we’ve been long time friends. In fact, during his college years, JD could often be found performing for the elders living at Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County in his hometown of Taylorsville, KY.

In 2019 JD shared in another unforgettable experience with Alan, an elder living at Signature HealthCARE at Heritage Hall in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  Alan’s dream was to travel to Nashville and sing on Broadway. Once JD learned that Alan was going to visit Nashville and attend his show at Ole Red, he knew he wanted to help make it special.  Because of JD’s kindness, he and Alan were able to sing “Country Roads” together.  You can watch the video here.–> JD & Alan Sing Country Roads Together

Shared experiences such as these infuse meaning into our everyday lives.  In many ways, that joy is what keeps us going in difficult times.  This very intentional partnership between JD Shelburne and Signature Inspire Foundation is one that will hopefully ignite moments of happiness as our Signature HealthCARE family is able to connect virtually across the country.

To read more about the concert click here –> Signature Inspire Foundation About The Concert Page

To access the direct link to watch the concert –>  Hero Holiday Concert Sponsored By Signature Inspire Foundation