Signature names Sacred Six Champion for February

SacredSixLogo_V2_WEBSignature is proud to recognize Breanna Burkhardt, a CNA at Harriman Care & Rehab, as a shining example of this month’s Sacred Six service value: Compassion.

Breanna BurkhardtThe Sacred Six were announced last month as a set of core service values, selected by frontline caregivers, that drive SHC’s mission and vision. Signature stakeholders can nominate their peers on Facebook.

Breanna joined Harriman Care & Rehab last summer, after she worked in the facility’s business office as part of a youth program. She immediately took to Signature’s culture.

Breanna, 19, is a Harriman, Tennessee native and has aspirations of becoming a nurse. Her drive to help others motivated her to complete the CNA program, she said, and she simply enjoys spending time with the residents.

“You can talk to them and get to know about their lives,” she said. “And they’ll tell you they appreciate everything you do.”

It’s that sort of behavior that makes Breanna a standout example of compassion, said Harriman Administrator/CEO Terina Webb.

“You’ll walk by and see her talking to patients – even the confused patients, she’ll have meaningful conversations with them.”

Terina added that she is loved by colleagues and is “a very sweet-natured, kind person.”

“We’re so thankful that we met her through that program, and that she’s part of our team now.”

4 thoughts on “Signature names Sacred Six Champion for February

  1. Brenda L. Russell

    We are so proud to have the opportunity to work with such a loving person as Breanna. She truly demonstrates compassion and working from the heart. Congratulations Breanna, we love you!


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