Latest SHC LearnFEST focuses on leadership



Last week, Signature hosted the latest in its LearnFEST series of virtual learning conferences, this time focusing on cultivating leadership ability among its stakeholder (employee) base.

The event follows last fall’s inaugural SHC LearnFEST and this spring’s Spirituality LearnFEST. Each of the three conferences drew hundreds of live participants.

“At Signature, we were able to bring world-class external speakers and excellent internal leaders to each of our facilities,” said Chief Learning Officer Mary McNevin. “Our own speakers from the field and the home office brought us together to learn, share and connect on leadership – such an important topic in healthcare today.”

The conference’s keynote speaker was Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, author and Harvard Business School professor who has the second most-popular TEDTalk (it’s been viewed more than 26 million times) and topped the list of Time Magazine ‘Game Changers’ in 2012.

Cuddy studies how body language speaks to others, but also affects individuals’ self-perception and sense of confidence. Her research focuses on how adopting powerful postures helps people excel in high-pressure situations by changing not only their thoughts and feelings, but body chemistry.

Other outside speakers included Dr. Charla Long, Founding Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Lipscomb University who earlier this year launched a consulting practice. Long addressed SHC stakeholders on ‘expanding their conflict toolbox.’

Meanwhile, SHC company leaders who led sessions during the learning conference acknowledged the challenges faced by people in leadership roles.

“It takes a fiery vision of purpose to be a change agent,” said Dianne Timmering, VP of Spirituality and Legislative Affairs, who helped lead a panel on ‘Courageous Leadership and Innovation.’

Bette ‘Corky’ Rodman, a longtime administrator and SHC veteran who now oversees Special Projects for the company, said it can be helpful to validate stakeholders and let them know they are not alone in the challenges they face.

“Taking time out to learn by sharing experiences and ideas sometimes gives stakeholders that extra courage they need to be innovative and persevere in a sometimes difficult world,” she said. “I think the LearnFEST offers that experience.”

And Missy Allen, Administrator at Riverview Health Care Center, in Prestonsburg, Ky., shared her facility’s story of its drive to become Eden Alternative certified, and to launch Mugg-Z Café.

“It is my hope that something that was said will encourage our fellow CEOs to never give up, surround themselves with an awesome team and Live the Revolution!”

McNevin says the plan is to do Leadership LearnFEST events about once a year, and that the next one may focus on Signature’s Communities of Practice (shared best practices and peer-to-peer learning). But for now, stakeholders can revisit last week’s Leadership LearnFEST sessions – or view for the first time, if they weren’t able to tune in live – at Past sessions can be viewed by visiting Learn365 and entering the keyword, ‘learnfest.’

“I thought it was very relevant to what we’re dealing with in the industry, relevant to leadership,” said Tiffany Hoback, CFO for Signature’s Urban Division. “I love the flexibility, being able to log in live or record sessions if you missed them. It was great – another success.”

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