Signature HealthCARE of Hartford Added to Person-Directed Care Registry

Eden Alternative Registry Adds Signature HealthCARE of Hartford

Hartford, Ky., September 1, 2017 – The Eden Alternative Registry officially added Signature HealthCARE of to its national list of certified nursing homes. Those on the national registry have completed steps to integrating a person-directed approach into daily operations.

Signature HealthCARE of Hartford’s journey to be added to Eden Certification has motivated a new mindset, a person-directed care approach, for every employee, from the administrator to nurses. A person’s unique needs and particular wants are considered in daily care and health care decisions with person-directed care at the heart of the staff.

“The Eden Registry is more than a national list. To be officially Eden Alternative Certified, culture change is accepted by everyone, from culinary staff to nurses. Signature HealthCARE of Hartford equals 44 Signature HealthCARE facilities are added to the national Eden Registry,” Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature HealthCARE said.

“This registry marks a big milestone for our staff. They care for our residents’ needs and wants day in and day out, and to be Eden Certified shows that our staff makes Signature HealthCARE of Hartford different than a conventional nursing home, “Tiffany Winchel, Administrator at Signature HealthCARE of Hartford, said.

Nursing homes on the Eden Alternative Registry, including dozens operated by Signature HealthCARE, work to transform the well-being and daily life of elders who call nursing homes their home. In addition, nursing homes on the Eden Alternative Registry experience less staff turnover, according to data from a survey of 2011-2016 members of the registry.

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