Signature HealthCARE Hall of Fame Preserves Patient, Stakeholder and Volunteer Accomplishments

Louisville, Ky. – November 2, 2017 – Across 11 states today, Signature HealthCARE is adding to its Hall of Fame and cementing the stories of over 450 patients, stakeholders and volunteer accomplishments.

Signature HealthCARE’s 2017 Hall of Fame honors over 400 individuals.

 This year’s Hall of Fame inductees include: a lightweight professional boxer; Air Force, Navy and Army servicemen; World War II, Korean War and Vietnam veterans; and numerous small business owners, educators and community volunteers. In addition, inductees include many nurses, physical therapists and Certified Nursing Assistants who have served long-term care patients for over 20 years.

“Everyone has a story, and the Hall of Fame celebrates those stories and preserves them for future generations. The Hall of Fame showcases hundreds of patients, employees, volunteers and others who have impacted others and their community. We treasure this event each year to celebrate those living with purpose in our organization,” Jason Kwart, Signature Hall of Fame co-founder, said.

Since 2003, Signature HealthCARE’s annual Hall of Fame has celebrated the contributions of patients, employees and volunteers. From hometown heroes to nationally recognized servicemen, authors, entrepreneurs and more, thousands have been added to Signature’s Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame inductees are nominated into one of the following categories: academia, author, community involvement, military servicemen, entrepreneur, founder, journalism, leadership, personal accomplishments, professional accomplishments, public service, sports, theater and entertainment and volunteerism.

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