15 International Nurses Join Signature’s Revolution

Signature expands its recruiting boundaries internationally to meet increasing needs

Louisville, Ky. – May 7, 2018 – Signature HealthCARE’s revolution has added 15 foreign trained registered nurses making the journey across the world to join the company’s revolution and more nurses plan to arrive later this year. Leading the charge in recruiting talent internationally is Signature’s Linda Howe, who with over 20 years of industry experience knows the soft skills it takes to succeed in healthcare.

“We appreciate our international nurses with their trust, dedication, and perseverance in patiently achieving their life time goal of a life in USA.  Many have overcome a 7-year process to attain that goal,” Linda Howe, Vice President of International Recruitment, said. Howe recently enjoyed lunch with the nurses and their families in Louisville, Kentucky.

The long-term care industry is projected to need four million new workers by 2050, according to the American Health Care Association. Signature is crossing borders and boundaries to add talented caregivers to its revolution.

“Signature sincerely appreciates them and their families for always believing in us.  They are all a great attribute to the profession, and we are so glad they chose Signature.  Their clinical skills, kind hearts, and willingness to learn a new culture is admirable. We want to extend a very special thank you to our international RNs,” Linda Howe, Vice President of International Recruitment, said.

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