Voting Drive Registers Over 500 Residents

Signature HealthCARE Promotes Civic Life

Louisville, Ky. – June 25, 2018 – Over 500 residents and community members across Signature HealthCARE recently registered to vote and sat down for conversations with lawmakers and political candidates. It’s all part of Signature’s effort to engage residents in civic life and empower them to vote, no matter their physical limitations.

“It’s important that our residents are empowered to raise their voices and have the opportunity to vote,” Kathy Gallin, Signature’s Director of Legislative Affairs, said. “Our residents created businesses, served in the military, raised children, contributed to their local communities and more. Their civic voices are vital to our communities and our nation’s political life.”

The theme of voter promotion month inspired some residents to get more involved in either political life or community life at their center. In Florida’s Orange County, primary and general election polls will be hosted at Signature’s Winter Park Care and Rehabilitation Center giving residents the opportunity to vote at the polls, rather than an absentee ballot.

Palm Bay Mayor William Capote, Sanjay Patel, Democratic candidate for Florida’s 8th District, and Florida Representative Randy Fine discussed important issues with residents at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Signature HealthCARE at Trimble County doubled their community’s patriotism and celebrated Flag Day along with Voter Promotion month.

Stakeholders at Signature HealthCARE of Cleveland registered as first time voters.

Peninsula Care & Rehabilitation Center teamed up with the Pinellas County Board of Elections to register residents and stakeholders to vote.

Elder Council President Joyce Phillips joined representatives of the Putnam County Election Commission in encouraging others to vote during Signature HealthCARE of Putnam County’s event.

At Oakview Care and Rehabilitation, even Camp Signature teamed up with elders and stakeholders to learn more about how to register to vote.

Both residents and stakeholders registered to vote at Signature HealthCARE of Port Charlotte’s Voter Promotion Day.

For the community at Signature HealthCARE of Clarksville, Voter Promotion month was deeply personal for some. James, a resident in the Clarksville community, served in the Tennessee House of Representatives for 18 years. James encourages other residents to get involved, along with Ms. Gentry, Signature HealthCARE of Clarksville’s newly elected resident council president.

Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park partnered with the supervisor of Elections in Clay County to register new voters and fill change of addresses.

At Gulfport Care and Rehabilitation Center, Irene and Alyce campaigned throughout June for the post of resident council president. The Pasadena election office also spoke with residents on the process of voter registration.

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