Signature HealthCARE Celebrates Chaplain Appreciation Day

Louisville, Ky. – October 15, 2018 –Signature HealthCARE is marking Chaplain Appreciation Day by highlighting the stories of chaplains and spiritual leaders across Signature’s ten states. Because the spirituality pillar is integral to the company’s culture, Signature chaplains are integral to the quality of life and community for our patients, residents, elders, families and stakeholders. These stories and more showcase the joy that Signature chaplains bring each and every day.

“I serve for the joy that it brings to others as well as myself.” – Pastor Evertt McBee, Memphis, Tn

“I serve because it’s part of my values, it fulfills me.” – Chaplain Firmie Simpson, Winter Park, Fl

“Every morning I make a new choice to serve today with purpose because when I cultivate that space, I meet the people who gravitate toward it. The investment of relationships is stronger than any kind of program I could start.” – Chaplain Mark Mills, Warren, In

“It is my pleasure to serve and to help others find the love and peace that God offers to them. I have chosen to live out that calling on my life,” – Chaplain Gary R. Kirchoff, Muncie, In

“I love to serve because it is a multi-lane two-way highway of blessings! For every bit of love and care I am able to share, I get a truckload of it back from a group of very loving people!” –   Chaplain Jeremy Luallen, Bowling Green, Ky

“I come to Signature of Cleveland everyday with the same goal, to try to make the people smile. To me, I feel that if you are smiling there is a glimmer of joy and hope in this life.” – Rev. Richard Mason D., Cleveland, Tn

“To serve the stakeholders, residents and their families and guests that enter our building is honestly such a fulfilling role. I find great satisfaction in my day to day interactions with the people that enter our building. If I am intentionally looking for people that need help and I’m willing to step into that role and be the helper, I’m making a difference.” – Chaplain Peggy Mims, Lafayette, In

“My purpose is to infuse specific, loving, encouragement to persons who desire hope and reasons to persevere in faith.” -Chaplain Nancy Penton, Buckhead, Ga

“I choose to serve in this role because part of me finds fulfillment in being with people during the significant moments (joyous and sad) of their lives. I also find joy in helping new residents acclimate and adjust to the reality of living in a facility. Last, I love to hear people’s stories. Everyone has a story and with a little coaxing they can feel safe sharing.” – Chaplain Randy Hale, Jacksonville, Fl

“My purpose in life is to do three things: Encourage, Equip and Empower others no matter gender, status, or ethnicity, faith tradition etc.  This is what motivates me each and every day.” – Chaplain Robert White, Marietta, Ga.

“To me this is so much more than a job, to have the heart, drive, courage and motivation to be a chaplain in long-term healthcare must be a calling from the Lord.” -Chaplain George Smith, Lawrenceburg, Ky.

“I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, precisely placed in my location at this exact moment in history to make a difference for God. That is why I can spread joy.” – Chaplain William Seymour, Galion, Oh.

“I cherish the opportunity and consider it a privilege to serve as a Signature Chaplain.” – Chaplain Rushell Fuller, Monteagle, Tn

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