About This Blog

Put simply, Signature HealthCARE’s mission is to radically change the landscape of healthcare – forever.

In its effort to achieve that ambitious goal, Signature’s culture is propped up by three unique organizational pillars: Spirituality, Learning and Intrapreneurship. Not just hollow corporate sloganeering, these are distinct departments with their own staff and unique programming.

A brief explanation of each…

Spirituality means a commitment to sharing and embracing different cultures, traditions and faiths, or a lack thereof. Spiritual programming is offered to both residents and employees, but involvement is, of course, purely optional.

Learning translates to both personal and professional growth. Programs include not only education that pertains to directly to one’s job – continuing education units, for instance – but also generalized 21st century job skills that would transfer to most any job.

Intrapreneurship involves ideas for innovations in healthcare that are generated and tested internally. In several cases, new companies have been built around these innovations with the goal of making them available to external clients.

This blog exists to provide examples of that culture at work.

Signature is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. and operates 148 locations in 11 states.

For more information, find us on the web at LTCrevolution.com.