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Signature Gifts Every Resident Christmas Spirit

Louisville, Ky. – December 17, 2018 – Signature is bringing the holiday spirit to every resident this year with Operation Holiday Card, a big undertaking to give each resident a personal holiday card. It’s the first time Signature has aimed to spread the holiday spirit in this way, and churches, schools and more from Kentucky to Florida are getting involved.

“It doesn’t have to be a big gift to bring the Christmas spirit to our residents. A personal holiday card, handmade or individually signed, is a powerful undertaking to give each of our residents, and our stakeholders and the community rose the occasion,” Angie McAllister, Signature’s Director of Cultural Transformation, said.

Louisville is a hub for aging innovation, and with Operation Holiday Card, it’s also a hub for giving and compassion to aging adults. Jefferson County Middle School students in Louisville, Kentucky were part of the massive effort generating thousands of hand-made cards for Signature residents and delivering them to Signature HealthCARE at Jefferson Manor. Holiday Cards collected across Louisville and the region are distributed to Signature residents across 10 states.

Art Reaps Benefits for Residents Living with Alzheimer’s

Louisville, Ky. – November 30, 2018 – Age, ability or generation are not predictors of a person’s ability to create art. Signature HealthCARE residents, particularly those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, are reaping the benefits of unleashing their creativity and artful imagination.

Residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia may see art as impossible and out of their reach, but Quality of Life at Signature HealthCARE reimagines possibilities for all residents. In 12 Signature Kentucky communities, art is bringing together residents, stakeholders, families, volunteers and nationally renowned artists with a Peter Pan inspired project.

From choreography performed in wheelchairs to designing fairy houses and pixie dust to putting colors to canvas, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are stirred to embrace creativity. Over 16 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and the number is projected to only grow in the coming years.

Art inspires the brain to remember, research has proven, whether the memory is an emotion, event, milestone or person and also provides non-pharmacological forms of therapy.

“Regardless of physical ability or illness – with art, people can be physically ill, but creatively well,” Angie McAllister, Signature’s Director of Cultural Transformation, said. “It’s the journey of creating something beautiful that brings our residents joy.”

Marking Alzheimer’s awareness month in November, art is inspiring residents across Signature HealthCARE.

Signature Busts Myths for Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Louisville, Ky. – November 24, 2018 – Marking long-term care awareness month, Signature HealthCARE is busting myths about what long-term care means for you and your loved one. From art and creativity to technological innovations, the aging care industry is on the move, and Signature is leading the way.

  1. There’s more life to live at a long-term care community. From vacations to intergenerational partnerships, Quality of Life is more than an industry buzz word.
  2. Creativity and long-term care go together. We’re infusing art and creativity into care with the “I Won’t Grow Up Project” at Signature HealthCARE. No matter age or physical and cognitive ability, everyone has the power to embrace their inner creativity and inner artist.
  3. Evolving innovation is at the heart of Signature’s mission to lead the long-term care industry. From telehealth to cutting-edge rehabilitation technology, innovative solutions empower Signature residents with access to care and with knowledge about their progress.


Creative Innovation & Art Bloom with “I Won’t Grow Up Project”

Louisville, Ky. – November 17, 2018 – This week nationally renowned artists are in residency at Signature HealthCARE locations across Kentucky as part of the Peter Pan inspired, I Won’t Grow Up Project.

“Opening ourselves up to imagination brings magic to life, and that’s powerful in aging care. This project, just like a good art installation or production, involves everyone, our elders, stakeholders, volunteers, families, community partners and more,” said, Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature HealthCARE and International Board Member of the Eden Alternative Registry.

Elders at Signature HealthCARE of Hart County imagined a box of treasured thoughts spreading positive thoughts and words of wisdom. They were inspired by the treasure in Peter Pan’s Neverland to invent a one-of-a-kind art installation.

Inspired by Peter Pan’s travels to Neverland, Signature HealthCARE at Heritage Hall hosted an around the world event where elders sampled delectable food from wish list travel destinations from Greece and Jamaica to China and South Africa.

Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center elders are putting imagination to work through their individual life stories and creating Wish Jar Necklaces with each elder’s wish and Tinkerbell-inspired pixie dust inside.

Elders at Signature HealthCARE at Jackson Manor are inspired by the fairies in Peter Pan. Jackson Manor elders have painted and created colorful fairy houses, herbs and solar butterfly lights with accompanying stories guiding fairies back home again.

The ”I Won’t Grow Up” Project artists include: Kevin Iega Jeff, Chicago based critically acclaimed and award-winning dancer and choreographer; Jeff Becker, New Orleans based renowned director, designer, and sculptor; Cheyenne Mize, Louisville native, musician and music therapist; Bobby Martin, Kentucky native, theater/film artist, cultural organizer, facilitator and teaching artist; Andee Rudloff, Kentucky native, artist and muralist; Nicole Garneau, performance artist, educator and healing practitioner; and Dominic Campbell, co-founder of Creative Ageing International.

The I Won’t Grow Up Project is a partnership between Signature HealthCARE and TimeSlips. It is funded by a Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Grant through the Kentucky Office of Inspector General and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Signature HealthCARE Honors Residents’ Sacrifice & Achievements this Veterans Day

Louisville, Ky. – November 11, 2018 – Marking Veterans Day this year, Signature HealthCARE is personally delivering cards to veterans in the Louisville community and recognizing many veterans’ accomplishments in Hall of Fame.

“It’s important to us to thank our residents and elders for their service, sacrifice and accomplishments. Each and every one of their stories are important to us, and we cherish the opportunity to celebrate our residents and elders,” David Baumgartner, Signature’s Vice President of Spirituality, said.

Signature’s Hall of Fame inducted dozens of veterans this year commemorating their sacrifice and achievements in the armed forces.

Signature HealthCARE of Coshocton inducted army veteran Charles William Gill into the Hall of Fame. Mr. Gill served in the U.S. Army during World War II as a Tech Sergeant.

Signature HealthCARE of Erin inducted army veteran Billy Weaver into the Hall of Fame. He served in the United States Army during the Korean War and was one of the very first members of the Army’s elite fighting force, the Green Berets. Mr. Weaver earned an astounding 97 jumps from army aircraft.

Gulfport Rehabilitation Center inducted airforce veteran David Sjolund into the Hall of Fame. Mr. Sjolund enlisted in the Airforce after high school and went on to serve in Vietnam where he was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses and eight Air Medals.

Gulfport Rehabilitation Center also inducted army veteran Alyce Wilmot into the Hall of Fame. Ms. Wilmot and her husband of 70 years joined the army together when World War II began. After serving in the Nurse Cadets, Alyce went on to work directly under Dwight Eisenhower in the Pentagon’s military intelligence.

Signature HealthCARE at Hillcrest inducted veteran James Wilson into the Hall of Fame. Mr. Wilson is a veteran of the United States 101st Airborne Division and served during the Allied invasion of France in 1944. He is 100 years young.

Harriman Care and Rehabilitation Center inducted Air Force veteran Richard Privette into the Hall of Fame. Mr. Privette joined the United States Air Force in 1968 as a Combat Photographer. He later joined NASA as a Computer Engineer for Space Shuttles.

Signature HealthCARE Helps Residents Cast Their Vote

Louisville, Ky. – November 6, 2018 – As people across the country cast their ballots today, Signature HealthCARE residents and elders have made their voices count with the help of local election officials.

At Signature HealthCARE of Port Charlotte, residents personally travelled to the polling place casting their early votes.

Local election officials partnered with Spring City Care and Rehabilitation to help Signature’s elders put democracy in action.

Prestonsburg Health Care Center elders casted their absentee ballots before Kentucky’s deadline.
















Ohio election officials visited Signature HealthCARE of Warren personally helping residents cast their ballots.

U.S. News World & Report Names Signature HealthCARE to its Prestigious Industry List

Louisville, Ky. – November 1, 2018 – U.S. News World and Report listed 10 Signature HealthCARE locations to its prestigious list of Best Nursing Homes and Best Short-term Rehabilitation. In the first year of U.S. News’ new short-stay rehabilitation rating, seven Signature locations appear on the list leading in quality and leading in innovative solutions.

“It’s an honor to be recognized in the healthcare industry. We strive to serve every patient along our continuum of care with our mission and compassion at heart, even in the face of growing challenges and disruptions,” Joe Steier, President and CEO of Signature HealthCARE, said.

Signature HealthCARE is leading the culture change movement in the long-term care industry with over 50 locations added to the international Eden Alternative Registry and over 100 locations accredited through Providigm’s Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) program. Appearing on U.S. News World & Report 2019 list include these locations:

Overall Quality

Chautauqua Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in DeFuniak Springs, FL
Signature HealthCARE at the Courtyard in Marianna, FL
Signature HealthCARE of North Florida in Graceville, FL
Signature HealthCARE at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth in Louisville, Ky

Short-term Rehab Stay

Signature HealthCARE Center of Waterford in Hialeah, FL
Bracken County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Augusta, Ky
Signature HealthCARE at Tanbark in Lexington, Ky
Signature HealthCARE at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth in Louisville, Ky
Signature HealthCARE at Mallard Bay in Cambridge, MD
Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethton in Elizabethton, TN
Signature HealthCARE of Greeneville in Greeneville, TN

From culture change to innovation, Signature continues to live out its mission of serving patients and elders with joy and a commitment to excellence.

Hundreds of Patients, Elders, Volunteers & Caregivers Honored with Hall of Fame Distinction

Louisville, Ky. – October 30, 2018 – For 15 years, the Hall of Fame at Signature HealthCARE has celebrated the stories and accomplishments of long-term care patients and the people who choose to serve them. Across 10 states today, Signature’s Hall of Fame is growing with the stories of accomplished patients, elders, stakeholders, volunteers and community leaders.

“It’s important that future generations and future healthcare leaders hear these stories,” said Angie McAllister, Signature’s Director of Cultural Transformation, said.

Inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame are nominees from age 13 years old to 104 years old and with accomplishments including: World War II, Korean War and Vietnam veterans and award-winning nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare leaders. These are only a few of their stories.


Coy Booker is a devoted volunteer and leader in his eighth-grade class. He will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Colonial’s Hall of Fame.

Bob Steele served in the military during the Korean War, received the National Defense Medal and was awarded the Navy Service Medal in 1956. He will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Jacksonville’s Hall of Fame.

Charles William Gill served in the U.S. Army during World War II as a Tech Sergeant and is the last charter member of the Little League Football Program. He will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Coshocton’s Hall of Fame.

Nelda Wade, a Certified Nursing Assistant of over 32 years, was awarded the Orange County Department on Aging Outstanding Direct Care Worker Leadership Award. She will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Chapel Hill’s Hall of Fame.

Terry Durham received the Social Services Worker of the Year Award from the Tennessee Health Care Association and the Caring More Award from Crossroads Hospice. She will be inducted into At Signature HealthCARE of Memphis’ Hall of Fame.

Billy Weaver served in the United States Army during the Korean War and was one of the very first members of the Army’s elite fighting force, the Green Berets. He will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Erin’s Hall of Fame.

James Wilson is a veteran of the United States 101st Airborne Division and served during the Allied invasion of France in 1944. James is 100 years young and will be inducted into Signature HealthCARE of Hillcrest’s Hall of Fame.

Molly was a beloved furry friend to dozens at Signature HealthCARE of Bowling Green where she will be inducted into their Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame inductees are nominated by these categories: academia, author, community involvement, military servicemen, entrepreneur, founder, journalism, leadership, personal accomplishments, professional accomplishments, public service, sports, theater and entertainment and volunteerism.

Signature HealthCARE Celebrates Physical Therapists

Louisville, Ky. – October 19, 2018 –Signature HealthCARE is marking National Physical Therapy Month by sharing the success stories of our patients forever grateful for the passion and perseverance of therapists. From occupational to speech to physical therapy and more, therapists at Signature strive to serve with excellence. They’re making an impact and patients are sharing their stories.

“The therapy department is second to none.” – Grace said of Hillcrest Care and Rehabilitation Center

“I would recommend their therapy to anyone!” – Mary said of Signature HealthCARE of Galion

“I was taken care of with the most kind and understanding staff that I could have ever been in contact with.”  – Joy said of Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville

“The people are warm and passionate, thoughtful, caring, professional at their jobs, organized and it’s been great and I’m going home tomorrow.” – Shirley said of Pigeon Forge Care and Rehab

“Because of y’all, I can do things I never thought I’d do again.” – Sheila said of Signature HealthCARE of Monteagle

“The therapy department is wonderful, they are the reason I will walk out of Hermitage Care! I look forward to mowing the grass and driving my car when I get home.” – Paul said of Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center

“Now I am going to be able to do all the things I could do before.” – Jessie said of Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County


Signature HealthCARE Celebrates Chaplain Appreciation Day

Louisville, Ky. – October 15, 2018 –Signature HealthCARE is marking Chaplain Appreciation Day by highlighting the stories of chaplains and spiritual leaders across Signature’s ten states. Because the spirituality pillar is integral to the company’s culture, Signature chaplains are integral to the quality of life and community for our patients, residents, elders, families and stakeholders. These stories and more showcase the joy that Signature chaplains bring each and every day.

“I serve for the joy that it brings to others as well as myself.” – Pastor Evertt McBee, Memphis, Tn

“I serve because it’s part of my values, it fulfills me.” – Chaplain Firmie Simpson, Winter Park, Fl

“Every morning I make a new choice to serve today with purpose because when I cultivate that space, I meet the people who gravitate toward it. The investment of relationships is stronger than any kind of program I could start.” – Chaplain Mark Mills, Warren, In

“It is my pleasure to serve and to help others find the love and peace that God offers to them. I have chosen to live out that calling on my life,” – Chaplain Gary R. Kirchoff, Muncie, In

“I love to serve because it is a multi-lane two-way highway of blessings! For every bit of love and care I am able to share, I get a truckload of it back from a group of very loving people!” –   Chaplain Jeremy Luallen, Bowling Green, Ky

“I come to Signature of Cleveland everyday with the same goal, to try to make the people smile. To me, I feel that if you are smiling there is a glimmer of joy and hope in this life.” – Rev. Richard Mason D., Cleveland, Tn

“To serve the stakeholders, residents and their families and guests that enter our building is honestly such a fulfilling role. I find great satisfaction in my day to day interactions with the people that enter our building. If I am intentionally looking for people that need help and I’m willing to step into that role and be the helper, I’m making a difference.” – Chaplain Peggy Mims, Lafayette, In

“My purpose is to infuse specific, loving, encouragement to persons who desire hope and reasons to persevere in faith.” -Chaplain Nancy Penton, Buckhead, Ga

“I choose to serve in this role because part of me finds fulfillment in being with people during the significant moments (joyous and sad) of their lives. I also find joy in helping new residents acclimate and adjust to the reality of living in a facility. Last, I love to hear people’s stories. Everyone has a story and with a little coaxing they can feel safe sharing.” – Chaplain Randy Hale, Jacksonville, Fl

“My purpose in life is to do three things: Encourage, Equip and Empower others no matter gender, status, or ethnicity, faith tradition etc.  This is what motivates me each and every day.” – Chaplain Robert White, Marietta, Ga.

“To me this is so much more than a job, to have the heart, drive, courage and motivation to be a chaplain in long-term healthcare must be a calling from the Lord.” -Chaplain George Smith, Lawrenceburg, Ky.

“I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, precisely placed in my location at this exact moment in history to make a difference for God. That is why I can spread joy.” – Chaplain William Seymour, Galion, Oh.

“I cherish the opportunity and consider it a privilege to serve as a Signature Chaplain.” – Chaplain Rushell Fuller, Monteagle, Tn