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Signature gathers leaders from 100+ facilities for ‘CEO Forum’

Signature rallied the troops this week when leaders from more than 100 towns and cities in 10 states gathered in Louisville for the first 2015 CEO Forum.

During the forum, facility administrators dug deep into issues impacting nursing home residents and operators on a macro and micro scale, topics ranging from finance and staffing to personal growth and self-awareness. The forums, held twice annually, also give Signature leaders a rare moment to spend time together, share and learn from each other.

“I always appreciate the CEO meetings as they give everyone an opportunity, no matter what segment, to come together, learn and see where Signature stands and is heading in our Revolution,” said David Brown, CEO/Administrator at Signature of Spencer County, in Taylorsville, Ky.

During the three-day event, attendees spent time in a single group setting to hear about the Signature culture and Guiding Principles, health care policy and legislative change, and more. Facility CEOs also broke into smaller sessions, led by Signature senior team leaders, to explore topics in a way that facilitated open dialogue and sharing. During the small group meetings, teams discussed such topics as clinical excellence, financial strategy, data points (a combination of clinical and business metrics that intertwine), ‘wage justice,’ litigation and risk management, the ‘referral revolution’ and more.

Nakia Whitley, CEO/Administrator for Signature HealthCARE of Roanoke Rapids, in North Carolina, said she particularly benefited from the acuity-based staffing session, Chris Cox’s culture presentation and the ‘Engagement Game,’ as well as the talk on health care policy.

“It helped put things in perspective: are we doing what’s best to change not only LTC culture, but ultimately, the world? Our goal and mission are very important, and we need to live them both daily.”

Several facility leaders especially enjoyed a session discussing ‘The Hero’s Journey,’ a story structure, or pattern, seen throughout history in literature and religion that can also be applied to one’s own individual journey. ‘The Hero’s Journey’ outlines a series of steps, from a ‘call to adventure’ through challenges, transformation and other stages of spiritual and personal exploration, culminating in resurrection and a ‘return home’ with newfound knowledge and wisdom.

“A good leader takes others with us along this journey,” Signature President and CEO Joe Steier said during the session. “Another leader kind of gets the job done and goes home.”

Ryan Dulski, CEO/Administrator at Peninsula Care & Rehab Center, in Tarpon Springs, Fla., said “it is always great to spend time with such fascinating leaders” at the CEO meetings.

“I really enjoyed the theme of ‘The Hero’s Journey,’ ” she said. “I am so excited to bring this idea back to my facility team and use this to continue to build culture.”

Signature named one of ‘Best Places to Work in Kentucky’ for 2014

Signature has been named one of this year’s ‘Best Places to Work in Kentucky’, announced today by the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

Winners are listed in alphabetical order, and a ranked list will be announced during an awards dinner on April 24 at the Lexington Convention Center.

Honorees are divided into three categories – small, medium and large – based on the number of employees. Signature Consulting Services is being recognized in the ‘medium’ category alongside 32 other companies.

To view the list, click HERE. For more about the competition, visit

SHC Year in Review – 2013

This year was a pivotal one  for Signature in many ways. Take a look below at some of the highlights…

  • Signature successfully moves into acute care after purchase of Northwest Florida Community Hospital (December/January)
  • U.S. News & World Report names Signature homes among nation’s best (February)
  • More than half of Signature centers achieve four- or five-star rating (April)
  • Six new centers in Kentucky and Indiana join Signature family (April)
  • Signature’s second annual interfaith National Day of Prayer ceremony joins political, business and community leaders with residents and staff from Signature centers to celebrate the freedom to pray and exercise one’s faith. Representatives from about a dozen faiths or religions gathered on stage to offer unique prayers of healing and unity. (May)
  • Reflect N Us art gallery launched to showcase residents’ artistic abilities. There were more than 600 entries. (July)
  • TransitionalCARE program earns Spirit of Innovation Award at LTC & Senior Living LINK Conference in Chicago (July)
  • Seven centers in Indiana, North Carolina and Kentucky join Signature (August)
  • AIT (Administrator In Training) Rockstar Academy debuts (August)
  • Signature facility CEOs meet to map future of company (August)
  • Signature is honored as one of nation’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by Modern Healthcare (August)
  • Third annual SHC vacation takes residents to Branson, Missouri for Ozark Mountain adventures (September)
  • Record crowd attends third annual Senior Olympics (September)
  • Signature affiliate HomeNow Medical Supplies opens first retail location (October)
  • Serenity Summit educates staff, others about Alzheimer’s and dementia care (November)
  • Residents honored with largest-known Hall of Fame induction ceremony on record, with 322 honorees at 77 locations (November)
  • First Louisville Innovation Summit draws leaders and visionaries from long-term care and beyond to envision the future of aging care (November)
  • Serenity Summit lays groundwork for new Alzheimer’s/dementia education programming (November)
  • Three Ohio centers join Signature (December)
  • ’12 Days of Service’ volunteer program offers team-building, renewed purpose (December)
  • 12 Signature homes now on Eden Alternative Registry with more to come (December)

Serenity Summit immerses staff members in dementia experience

Some 200 Signature employees attended a new training program launched in late November with the intent of promoting sympathy and greater understanding for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The program – the Serenity Summit – took place at Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County, in Taylorsville, Ky., which has a specialized focus on Alzheimer’s and dementia care under Signature’s Serenity HealthCARE segment.

SHC of Spencer County Administrator/CEO David Brown said he hopes the training will further humanize dementia patients in the eyes of others.

“What I really hope would come out of this is, regardless of department, that people would better see the human factor and be true to that because it brings the residents comfort and helps them maintain their abilities,” he said. “I really feel like no matter what job you do, you could get something out of this training.”

The Summit began with an immersion experience during which participants modeled behaviors of patients with cognitive impairments and then discussed the experience. Attendees also followed a fictional patient, ‘Al,’ and his daughter through the process of being admitted and determining a care plan and learned about the specific dietary needs of persons with dementia.

Other components of the Summit included a presentation about the Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE), a room that employs the use of lights, aromatherapy and other techniques to appeal to a patients’ senses. The MSE is designed with two goals in mind: to promote brain activity and intellectual improvement, and to encourage relaxation or reduced stimulation. The use of the MSE may reduce the prevalence of challenging behaviors and use of psychoactive medications.

Jeff Beaty, Serenity Chief Development Officer and co-founder, who developed much of the programming, said the recent training validates staff members’ existing knowledge of dementia and related disorders while expanding on that knowledge and improving employees’ confidence in the process.

Both Beaty and Serenity COO Kyle Browning said the Summit was a success and applauded the Spencer County team for pulling it together. Browning said the next step is to package the program so it could then be made available for other facilities with parts also being made available to family members of residents and local community members.

“We think this is easily replicable and we’ll be able to provide it as we add facilities in the future,” Browning said.

As someone develops Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. every 68 seconds, Brown, who was a program director and memory care facilitator for several years before becoming a nursing home administrator, expressed concern for the growing epidemic.

“There are lots of diseases but as a human being, what could actually be worse than losing your mind?” he said. “And unfortunately, more and more people are going to become affected by these sorts of things in the future.”

Signature leaders discuss importance of CNAs in new video

Several Signature HealthCARE leaders have completed CNA training, while others are in the process now. To understand the reasoning behind the effort, the importance of servant leadership and the vital role CNAs play in long-term care, visit Signature HealthCARE’s YouTube channel and watch

U.S. Congressman Mitch McConnell visits Signature HealthCARE

(Note: Signature HealthCARE welcomes all manner of political discourse and opinion, and regularly hosts elected officials in its facilities and offices regardless of party affiliation. These visits should not necessarily be taken as an endorsement of the views or policies of any particular party or representative. Signature strives to be a conduit for the freedoms this great nation affords through the company’s three pillars: Spirituality (the freedom to choose/to be); Education (the freedom to learn, think and opine); Intrapreneurship (the freedom to express new ideas and manifest those ideas into reality. For more about Signature, visit

With the national presidential election just over two months away, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spent an impassioned hour with stakeholders at Signature HealthCARE’s home office in Louisville last week, answering questions and detailing reasons he believes the nation is in need of new leadership.

During the event, arranged by SHC Director of Legislative Affairs Kathy Gallin, McConnell specifically discussed the Affordable Care Act – the health care reform bill signed into law in March 2010 that sparked a lengthy and ongoing debate among members of Congress. McConnell called the bill “the single worst piece of legislation that’s been passed in modern times.”

“For the country, it’s an unmitigated disaster,” he said.

The bill includes provisions and requirements that would extend health benefits to the nation’s 30-40 million uninsured. Of those without health insurance, half lack the financial means to purchase it, while the remainder simply choose not to, McConnell said. A “happy circumstance” that also poses cost challenges, he added, is the fact that people are living longer now than they were decades ago.

“The dilemma here for our country is that we can’t provide this much, for this many, for this long.”

To fund the expansion of health insurance coverage, the Affordable Care Act proposes to cut $716 billion from the federal Medicare budget, which would account for half of the money needed. The balance, McConnell noted, will come from new taxes.

To address the matter, the senior U.S. Senator said changes in eligibility rules for entitlement programs are needed, referencing billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

“Why in the world are we spreading these benefits across affluent people in our country?” he said. “We can’t afford it.”

McConnell also touched on an issue central to LTC providers in Kentucky: tort reform. While surrounding states, including Indiana and Tennessee, have in place some form of tort reform to ensure that lawsuits are valid and monetary awards are reasonable. Disagreements between the state Senate and House of Representatives prevented legislation from being passed during the 2012 regular legislative session, but similar legislation is expected to be filed again next year.

Among other issues raised during the visit, McConnell…

• Addressed the United States’ economic woes amid increasing competitive pressures from other countries. To strengthen the United States‘ standing as the dominant economic force in the world, he said we must create a pro-business environment by refraining from overtaxation and overregulation.

• Cast doubt that the U.S. would default on its debt but added that it was a reasonable concern to question whether foreign investors might eventually lose confidence in the U.S. economy and decide to invest elsewhere. He noted that the national debt is now roughly equivalent to the nation’s economy, or Gross Domestic Product. Both the national debt and the GDP hover at about $16 trillion.

• Was sympathetic to Americans’ dismal 12% approval rating of Congress. “If you’re one of the 88 percent, I’m with you,” he said.

• Said parties could work together to solve the nation’s problems and avoid Congressional gridlock. He cited political tandems from opposite sides of the aisle – Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill raising the age of eligibility for Social Security recipients in the 1980s, for instance – that were able to successfully work together to craft important legislation. And, should President Obama be reelected, McConnell expressed a desire to set aside partisan bickering and focus on effective governance.

“It’s time to get serious and get a result,” he said.

Lastly, McConnell expressed industry-wide appreciation for all health care workers.

“To me, everybody in the health care field deserves a lot of credit. I just want to thank you for all you’re doing.”



Signature experts published in national mag for leadership in caregiving

Several Signature HealthCARE leaders have been published in recent issues of Advance for Long-Term Care Management, a national magazine and website. To read the most recent article, written by Signature Chief Research Officer Jeff Beaty, click HERE and go to page 14.

To read other Signature HealthCARE-related articles from the magazine, click HERE.


Former Tennessee basketball star visits The Bridge at South Pittsburg

By Toby Wilson, Marketing Director, Serenity HealthCARE

On Tuesday, July 31, former University of Tennessee standout Brittany Jackson paid a visit to the residents at The Bridge at South Pittsburg. Brittany was in town doing a benefit basketball camp for the Pat Summitt Foundation. Brittany was named to the 2004 SEC all tournament team and was a four-year starter for one of the toughest and most distinguished coaches ever in Pat Summitt. Brittany helped her team reach the Final Four all four years of her career, and the NCAA Women’s National Championship games in 2003 and 2004.

While she was in town, Marketing Director Toby Wilson made contact with her to tell her about a very special Tennessee alumni who currently resides at The Bridge. Mrs. Jane Puckett, originally of Winchester, TN, has quite a unique story. She was the University of Tennessee’s very first statistics graduate and worked as the lead statistical analyst on the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge Laboratories, which developed the atomic bomb that the United States dropped on Japan in World War II. Since her time in Oak Ridge, Mrs. Puckett has spent a lifetime championing athletics and young athletes as a volunteer administrator of the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU). She ultimately was inducted to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. Mrs. Puckett and her husband Jim were inducted to the Tennessee Swimming Hall of Fame in 1986.

When Brittany learned of Mrs. Puckett’s amazing story, she was eager to meet her fellow alumni. Brittany graciously agreed to come spend some time with Mrs. Puckett, who is suffering from dementia much like her famed coach and mentor Pat Summitt. When our staff at South Pittsburg learned of her upcoming visit, they sprang into action to turn our facility into an orange and white wonderland, with good ole’ Rocky Top  playing in the background and a highlight reel of Brittany on the TV.

Needless to say, Brittany was completely overcome by the emotion of the day. With all the planning that went into making her feel at home, coupled with the emotion of meeting Mrs. Puckett, Brittany was awestruck. After Brittany spent some alone time with Mrs. Puckett, the staff was able to connect with Mrs. Puckett’s daughter, Beverly, in Atlanta, GA via Skype, allowing her to take part in this special event that she would have otherwise missed.

“I am completely overcome with emotion for what the staff at The Bridge has done for my mother,” Beverly Puckett said.

All in all, Brittany spent about three hours with Mrs. Puckett and the other residents at The Bridge at South Pittsburg. She signed autographs, took pictures, and even gave away t-shirts from her recent camp. She was able to take a tour of the facility and took particular interest in the special care unit for our Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

“Meeting Mrs. Puckett and the other great residents at The Bridge was such a blessing to me,” Brittany Jackson said. “I will never forget this experience and look forward to visiting again really soon.”

U.S. News & World Report recognizes SHC homes among nation’s best

Nursing Homes Ranked Best in NationA total of nine Signature HealthCARE homes made this year’s list of U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Homes Rankings, issued today. The rankings are based on data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ nursing home compare website.

Signature homes that made the list are: SHC of Orange Park, SHC of Marietta, Bracken County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Hermitage Care & Rehabilitation Center, Clinton County Care & Rehabilitation Center, SHC of Spencer County, SHC at Mallard Bay, Mountain City Care & Rehabilitation Center and Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center.

For more on the rankings, click HERE. To visit the CMS nursing home compare site, click HERE.

Signature CRO Jeff Beaty pens magazine article on wandering and elopement

Long-Term Nursing Home ManagementJeff Beaty, Chief Research Officer for Signature HealthCARE, wrote the cover story for the current issue of Advance for Long-Term Care Management on wandering and elopement among nursing home residents.

To read the article, click HERE and go to page 12.