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Restorative Nursing Gets Innovative Spin

Working with Purpose in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – August 16, 2018 – Signature HealthCARE is infusing innovation into restorative nursing, a traditionally concrete program in the skilled-nursing industry. By flipping the perspective and increasing collaboration and teamwork between departments, restorative nursing at Signature is improving care quality and setting a new precedent in the industry.

“Reimagining how restorative nursing works means taking resident-centered care and doubling down on our promises,” Mark Wortley, Signature Rehab CEO, said. “We’re aiming to set a model and to affect what the norm for restorative nursing is in the industry.”

Through the lens of Signature’s innovation pillar, both therapists and nurses began talking about restorative nursing. As one team with one goal of offering quality health care, Signature’s restorative nursing programs are brimming with collaboration.

“We are inspired to create and to innovate new systems, ideas and ways of thinking that benefit our bottom line: our patients,” Wortley said. Restorative nursing is a vital piece in the continuum of care driving patient successes.

Signature Graduates Over 1,000 Pinnacle CNAs

Serving with Purpose in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – August 14, 2018 – Signature HealthCARE recently graduated its 1,000th stakeholder from Pinnacle, an original CNA career ladder program. The milestone marks an investment in the company’s greatest asset: passionate people. Pinnacle empowers CNAs to learn new skills to better serve their patients and to grow their career.

“Knowing that our CNA’s are the backbone of our company, we are rewarding them for wanting to offer the best care possible.  By growing their skills in Pinnacle, our CNA’s show their commitment to excellence and compassion for our patients and their families,” Joe Steier, Signature HealthCARE CEO and President, said.

The company is taking the industry-wide talent war head on by investing in stakeholders. In addition to honing their talents, Signature CNAs have the opportunity through the Pinnacle Program to increase their wages, even within their first year of employment with Signature HealthCARE.

“Our CNAs are the ones who bring joy to our patients every day. To see them grow, challenge themselves, and learn skills that distinguish them in our industry is exciting,” Tracy Harrison, Chief Human Resources Officer, said. “This program is what makes being a Signature CNA different from others.”

Pinnacle is a one-of-a-kind career ladder for CNAs embodying Signature’s learning pillar. Learning initiatives, such as Pinnacle, infuse new opportunities and ideas to the careers of Signature stakeholders, because we believe with learning the possibilities are endless.

Intensive CEO DON School Inspires Over 30 Leaders

Working with Purpose in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – August 3, 2018 –Signature HealthCARE leaders convened at the company’s headquarters in Louisville, Ky this week for CEO DON School. It’s an intense week of learning outside of the daily whirlwind entrenching leaders into the company culture and industry issues.

“CEOs and Directors of Nursing have to be brave and fearless in this ever-evolving industry, and this intensive week arms them with the support they need to succeed,” Tracy Harrison, Vice President of Human Resources at Signature HealthCARE, said.

From action-based and peer-to-peer learning to real world simulations and minute data, Signature’s CEO DON School instills leaders with a powerful toolbox of resources. The week-long training school embodies Signature’s guiding principle of lifelong learning for all stakeholders.

“We create a hub of collaboration and peer support during CEO DON school, so that no leader takes on challenges alone,” Harrison said.

In a changing industry and regulatory environment, leaders in the healthcare industry need the backing of a support system and team to succeed. Graduates of Signature’s CEO DON school not only take away lessons from experts, but also gain friendships across Signature’s footprint.

Signature’s Chris Houser Named to National List of Chief Information Officers

Working with Purpose in the Revolution

Louisville, Ky. – August 3, 2018 –Becker’s Hospital Review recently named Signature HealthCARE’s Christopher Houser to its 2018 list of 105 Hospital and Health System CIOs to Know.

“Chris is more than the go-to person for solutions to complex problems. He’s a servant leader with passion and a drive for innovating,” Peggy King, Signature’s Vice President of Branding and Communications, said.

With over 18 years working in various industries, Chris adds expertise and the know-how in managing new technology at Signature and important security efforts. Chris leads a robust data analytics and IT technology team continually looking for areas of improvement and opportunities for innovation.

Local Artists Join Signature HealthCARE in Embracing Art at Any Age

Art Club Inspires Creativity in Urban Segment

Louisville, Ky., July 26, 2018 – Art’s power to move people at every age is inspiring a new Art Club program at Signature HealthCARE. Local artists in Nashville, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and other Tennessee locations are leading Art Club classes where residents tap into their inner creativity.

“Most of the residents that come to Art Club don’t imagine they have any artistic ability, but our artists, like Celeste Holliman, lead and teach them in a way that everybody ends up with their own creation. The Art Club classes boost our residents’ confidence levels, and I love the way they light up seeing the individuality of their artwork,” Ashley Graham, Quality of Life Director, said.

Signature’s programs already stir different creative levels with cooking skills during Chopped, performing talents during Signature’s Got Talent and fitness endurance during Senior Olympics. The Art Club encourages creativity however our residents imagine it. Without rules or expectations, Signature residents confidently create something new from a blank canvas.

James 1:27 Project Grows to Over 30 Signature HealthCARE Locations

Volunteers Impact Signature’s Revolution

Louisville, Ky., July 23, 2018 – Volunteers are making a difference for Signature HealthCARE residents and families across the revolution as the James 1:27 Mission Project grows to over 30 locations. With opportunities to volunteer based on your time and talents, Signature volunteers serve others with purpose.

“It’s important for everyone to have a friend, and Signature volunteers become friends of our residents, our families and our communities. A seemingly small moment from a volunteer can make a big impact in the lives of our residents,” David Baumgartner, Vice President of Spirituality, said.

Stories of Signature volunteers impacting others come from across the revolution:

Signature HealthCARE of Hartford recently honored their Volunteer of the Year, Edna, who has donated over 1,000 hours personally visiting with residents in 2018 alone.

Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center and Signature HealthCARE of Jackson Manor welcomed a local Girl Scouts for a day of arts and crafts.

At Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center, Doug, a passionate volunteer, leads singing, bible study and personal visits with elders in different neighborhoods at Morgantown Care.

Signature HealthCARE of Jacksonville partnered with Amerihealth Caritas to deliver personal, handmade cards to residents for all occasions from Father’s Day to Christmas to Easter.

At Liberty Care and Rehabilitation, one volunteer raised over $500 for elders to visit the life-size Ark replica in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Signature HealthCARE’s Reflect N Us Showcases Artistry

Art Infuses Creativity into Care

Louisville, Ky., July 18, 2018 – Signature HealthCARE continues to infuse creativity into care environments during its annual Reflect N Us Art gallery showcasing the artistic talents of residents across 10 states. Residents and patients flex their creative muscles in preparing their submissions for the art gallery. This year’s Reflect N Us art gallery features 700 pieces of art, which families, stakeholders, community members and more have entered their votes selecting the 2018 winners.

“Every year Reflect N Us inspires our residents and stakeholders to dream more. Art creates space for the unexpected where our residents learn a new skill at the age of 90 or finish a cross-stitch they began over 20 years ago,” David Baumgartner, Signature’s Vice President of Spirituality, said. “Whatever your language, religion, background or age, art is a powerful connector to people.”

The Reflect N Us art gallery at Signature HealthCARE began in 2013 and has grown to showcase thousands of art pieces. Winners are recognized based on overall votes and votes in each category. Art submissions include these categories: drawing, group art projects, jewelry, painting, photography, poetry, mixed media, sculpture and pottery and sewing and quilting.

Overall Winners
Grand Prize Pink Rose – Mixed Media Lula at Riverview Care and Rehabilitation Center
First Runner Up My Church House – Painting Nina at Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center
Second Runner Up Puppy Love – Drawing Winnie at Signature HealthCARE of South Pittsburg
Third Runner Up For the Love of My Mom and Dad – Sewing and Quilting Cecelia at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center
Winners by Category
Sewing & Quilting For the Love of My Mom and Dad Cecelia at Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center
Sculpture & Pottery Ceramics/Pottery Thomas at Winter Park Care and Rehabilitation Center
Poetry My Best Friend Kathy at Signature HealthCARE of Ormond
Photography Red Head Peggy at Signature HealthCARE of Ormond
Painting My Church House Nina at Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center
Mixed Media Pink Rose Lula at Riverview Care and Rehabilitation Center
Jewelry Reading with Style Dona at Signature HealthCARE at Savannah
Group Art Project Pray4Unity Savannah
Drawing Puppy Love Winnie at Signature HealthCARE of South Pittsburg


Camp with Kids Gets Signature HealthCARE Elders to Embrace Spontaneity

Summer Fun is Intergenerational Fun

Louisville, Ky. – July 13, 2018 – When staff at Pickett Care and Rehabilitation Center had a hard time finding childcare for their kids during the summer of 2008, Camp Signature was created. Ten years later over 50 Signature locations are hosting a summer camp, where not only kids benefit, but residents too.

“Camp and the kids, who come to know our elders on a first-name basis, creates that spontaneity. Seeing a kid’s imagination, inspires our residents,” Angie McAllister, Signature’s Director of Cultural Transformation, said.

Whether a day at camp is an activity with elders and kids interacting together or separately, the spontaneity and joyful energy brought into each center by the kids is infectious. The Eden Alternative Principle #5 speaks of spontaneity and how this industry needs to create an environment in which unexpected things can take place.

In the first summer alone of Camp Signature, residents who were previously depressed or refused opportunities for social interaction, were attending quality of life activities, volunteer hours increased, and staff saved on childcare expenses.

Friendships can begin can at any age. “During last year’s camp, the kids and elders were creating collages. When one of our elders, who isn’t fond of kids joined in, I stayed to watch. It was a one in a million moment, she was helping him, and he was helping her create an art project together,” said, Judy Yetter, who has served in long-term care for over 20 years and is the Quality of Life Director at Oakview Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Kids, teenagers and elders salute the flag on Memorial Day during Camp at Signature HealthCARE at Colonial.

During Camp, quality of life activities are intergenerational projects at Oakview Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Spontaneous waves of fun take over the dining room during Camp at Signature HealthCARE of Greeneville.

At Signature HealthCARE at Clinton County, gardening is a team activity during Camp.

Signature HealthCARE Recognized as one of Louisville’s Healthiest Employers

Healthy Living Programs Get Recognition at Signature

Louisville, Ky. – July 12, 2018 – Louisville Business First’s Healthiest Employers program names Signature HealthCARE to its list of finalists recognizing local companies who are committed to the health and well-being of their stakeholders.

Signature’s A Healthier Me is a Better Me program engages stakeholders in healthy living with friendly competitions, preventative care education and everyday wellness decisions. Embedding health and well-being into our core mission and values, Signature also partners with local on-site mobile coaches, such as a mobile mammography coach, to bring healthy living options to the front door of our stakeholders.

“Our stakeholders serve others every day, and we strive to serve our stakeholders. Healthy living starts with them,” Joe Steier, Siganture HealthCARE CEO and President, said. “It’s important to take care of yourself. It’s important that our stakeholders know we care enough to bring healthy living options to them.”

With over 88 percent of stakeholders saying, “I’m proud to tell others I work here,” Signature was also recognized as a Great Place to Work in 2018.

Recreational Therapy Empowers Residents’ Abilities

Celebrating National Recreational Therapy Week

Louisville, Ky., July 9, 2018 – Quality of life at Signature HealthCARE takes on boundless possibilities, and recreational therapy allows residents to achieve therapy goals and get involved with quality of life activities.

“As a recreational therapist, I enjoy finding activities they love and modifying it, so they can participate and/or engage, despite their limitations. I believe it is important and necessary in the healthcare field to focus more on individual’s abilities, rather than their disability,” Paula Hardy, a certified recreational therapist and Quality of Life Director at Signature HealthCARE of Roanoke Rapids, said. “Growth in all domains begins when individuals have confidence in themselves to believe that they “can” rather than they “can’t.”

Fusing leisure and quality of life with clinical and therapy goals, recreational therapy is quality of life activities with purpose. By taking into account the cognitive, physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals, recreational therapy sets goals based on a person’s needs. Many individuals with disabilities believe some activities are out of their reach because of their disability, but recreational therapy meets them where they are.