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Signature leaders discuss importance of CNAs in new video

Several Signature HealthCARE leaders have completed CNA training, while others are in the process now. To understand the reasoning behind the effort, the importance of servant leadership and the vital role CNAs play in long-term care, visit Signature HealthCARE’s YouTube channel and watch

U.S. Congressman Mitch McConnell visits Signature HealthCARE

(Note: Signature HealthCARE welcomes all manner of political discourse and opinion, and regularly hosts elected officials in its facilities and offices regardless of party affiliation. These visits should not necessarily be taken as an endorsement of the views or policies of any particular party or representative. Signature strives to be a conduit for the freedoms this great nation affords through the company’s three pillars: Spirituality (the freedom to choose/to be); Education (the freedom to learn, think and opine); Intrapreneurship (the freedom to express new ideas and manifest those ideas into reality. For more about Signature, visit

With the national presidential election just over two months away, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spent an impassioned hour with stakeholders at Signature HealthCARE’s home office in Louisville last week, answering questions and detailing reasons he believes the nation is in need of new leadership.

During the event, arranged by SHC Director of Legislative Affairs Kathy Gallin, McConnell specifically discussed the Affordable Care Act – the health care reform bill signed into law in March 2010 that sparked a lengthy and ongoing debate among members of Congress. McConnell called the bill “the single worst piece of legislation that’s been passed in modern times.”

“For the country, it’s an unmitigated disaster,” he said.

The bill includes provisions and requirements that would extend health benefits to the nation’s 30-40 million uninsured. Of those without health insurance, half lack the financial means to purchase it, while the remainder simply choose not to, McConnell said. A “happy circumstance” that also poses cost challenges, he added, is the fact that people are living longer now than they were decades ago.

“The dilemma here for our country is that we can’t provide this much, for this many, for this long.”

To fund the expansion of health insurance coverage, the Affordable Care Act proposes to cut $716 billion from the federal Medicare budget, which would account for half of the money needed. The balance, McConnell noted, will come from new taxes.

To address the matter, the senior U.S. Senator said changes in eligibility rules for entitlement programs are needed, referencing billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

“Why in the world are we spreading these benefits across affluent people in our country?” he said. “We can’t afford it.”

McConnell also touched on an issue central to LTC providers in Kentucky: tort reform. While surrounding states, including Indiana and Tennessee, have in place some form of tort reform to ensure that lawsuits are valid and monetary awards are reasonable. Disagreements between the state Senate and House of Representatives prevented legislation from being passed during the 2012 regular legislative session, but similar legislation is expected to be filed again next year.

Among other issues raised during the visit, McConnell…

• Addressed the United States’ economic woes amid increasing competitive pressures from other countries. To strengthen the United States‘ standing as the dominant economic force in the world, he said we must create a pro-business environment by refraining from overtaxation and overregulation.

• Cast doubt that the U.S. would default on its debt but added that it was a reasonable concern to question whether foreign investors might eventually lose confidence in the U.S. economy and decide to invest elsewhere. He noted that the national debt is now roughly equivalent to the nation’s economy, or Gross Domestic Product. Both the national debt and the GDP hover at about $16 trillion.

• Was sympathetic to Americans’ dismal 12% approval rating of Congress. “If you’re one of the 88 percent, I’m with you,” he said.

• Said parties could work together to solve the nation’s problems and avoid Congressional gridlock. He cited political tandems from opposite sides of the aisle – Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill raising the age of eligibility for Social Security recipients in the 1980s, for instance – that were able to successfully work together to craft important legislation. And, should President Obama be reelected, McConnell expressed a desire to set aside partisan bickering and focus on effective governance.

“It’s time to get serious and get a result,” he said.

Lastly, McConnell expressed industry-wide appreciation for all health care workers.

“To me, everybody in the health care field deserves a lot of credit. I just want to thank you for all you’re doing.”



Signature experts published in national mag for leadership in caregiving

Several Signature HealthCARE leaders have been published in recent issues of Advance for Long-Term Care Management, a national magazine and website. To read the most recent article, written by Signature Chief Research Officer Jeff Beaty, click HERE and go to page 14.

To read other Signature HealthCARE-related articles from the magazine, click HERE.


Donelson Angels – Giving Purpose and Giving Back

During the 2011-2012 year, Quality of Life leaders with Signature HealthCARE were encouraged and inspired by Dianne Timmering to focus on each of our residents individually. The initiative was to give a “Purpose for Every Resident” and to renew joy and self-esteem into their lives once again. At Donelson Place Care & Rehabilitation Center in Nashville, TN we are doing just that – establishing pride, self-worth, and giving back to the community at the same time. We recently started our Donelson Angels Club and kickstarted our service projects at the Nashville Rescue Mission. Many of our residents wanted to visit and help at the women and children’s campus. Our ladies, along with Chaplain John Barnes and Quality of Life Director Casey Caulk, assisted in food preparation at the soup kitchen. This wasn’t just your typical day inside the facility, but gave our residents a chance to give back, network into the community, and made them feel important and needed. The Donelson Angels have plans to do a monthly service project and are currently on the waiting list to volunteer at the Humane Society. The also have hopes to read to children at the children’s shelter.

– Casey Caulk, QOL Director, Donelson Place Care & Rehab

U.S. News & World Report recognizes SHC homes among nation’s best

Nursing Homes Ranked Best in NationA total of nine Signature HealthCARE homes made this year’s list of U.S. News & World Report Best Nursing Homes Rankings, issued today. The rankings are based on data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ nursing home compare website.

Signature homes that made the list are: SHC of Orange Park, SHC of Marietta, Bracken County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Hermitage Care & Rehabilitation Center, Clinton County Care & Rehabilitation Center, SHC of Spencer County, SHC at Mallard Bay, Mountain City Care & Rehabilitation Center and Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center.

For more on the rankings, click HERE. To visit the CMS nursing home compare site, click HERE.

Signature CRO Jeff Beaty pens magazine article on wandering and elopement

Long-Term Nursing Home ManagementJeff Beaty, Chief Research Officer for Signature HealthCARE, wrote the cover story for the current issue of Advance for Long-Term Care Management on wandering and elopement among nursing home residents.

To read the article, click HERE and go to page 12.


Signature HealthCARE named one of top workplaces in Courier-Journal

Named one of Louisville's top work places

Signature HealthCARE was named one of the Louisville area’s top workplaces in The Courier-Journal yesterday. Results are based on stakeholder surveys. Signature ranked ahead of several large employers in the area, including the Zappos Kentucky Family.

For more on the listing, click the logo above.

Joe Steier looks to future of LTC after speaking engagement

LTC - 100 Executive Management Conference

Signature President and CEO Joe Steier was a guest speaker earlier this year at the LTC 100 Executive Management Conference, an annual gathering of 150 senior-level LTC executives. Afterward, he paused to consider key takeaways and thoughts prompted by the event.

Read Joe’s reflections at

Signature leadership featured in Business First for becoming CNAs

Four Courts at Cherokee Park Nursing Home in Louisville KY

Signature President and CEO Joe Steier visited with Barbara Miller, a resident at Four Courts at Cherokee Park, as Arletta Parr, another resident, looked on.

Photo by Ron Bath, staff photographer for Business First

Signature HealthCARE was featured in this week’s edition of Business First of Louisville for its movement to have company leaders and administrative employees become Certified Nursing Assistants. Read the article below.

Signature CEO Joe Steier reflects on becoming a CNA

CEO Joe Steier becomes CNA

Signature President and CEO Joe Steier is one of several senior leaders to recently complete training through Spalding University and pass the state exam to become a CNA. To read Joe’s personal reflections on the experience, visit