Miracle Story – The Last Song

Miracles come in small and large packages – and often times they come in ordinary ways that we deal with extraordinary events – like someone’s passing . . .

From Chaplain Steven Bell at our Heritage Park Facility:

One of our residents passed away this month.

In the process, I was paying a visit to her room, as her life was ebbing away. She and her roommate loved to sing the song Jesus Loves Me.

I had prayer with the dying resident, who was non-responsive, and then her roommate asked for prayer as well. Following that prayer she just started singing Jesus Loves Me. I joined in and we both sang as loud and as well as we could manage. Before leaving the room, I made sure and sung Jesus Loves Me softly into the ear of the dying resident. As I left the room, I could hear the roommate continuing to sing along, ever so softly, with a huge smile on her face.

Within the hour, the failing resident had died.

I could not help realizing what a privilege I had of spending those last moments singing Jesus Loves Me to a woman who was always so touched by the song. What a way to be ushered into eternity!

One thought on “Miracle Story – The Last Song

  1. Chaplain Clif Smith

    Three years ago when I was brand new to our wonderful world of Chaplain ministry I was making one of my first hospital visits to a lady who lay dying with her two daughters standing by her bed. I did not know the lady since I was new on the job, and appreciated standing for over an hour with those two daughters on the other side of their mother’s bed, with the patient’s head turned in my direction. She was non responsive. The daughters were apprehensive at their new station in life as they searched for support during this trying and unfamiliar time in their relationship with “Momma”, as they called her. As I began to realize my time to depart the hospital was nearing I had heard from these daughters what a beautiful believer this dear lady had been and how forward to heaven she was looking. All of a sudden it came to me to send a message to my own “Momma” who had just passed not long before. Leaning to their ‘Momma’s’ ear I whispered (but so the daughters could hear), “Miss …, when you arrive in heaven would you look up Lottie Smith, my Momma, and tell her that I love her and miss her, and hope to see her soon?” The daughters both beamed, realizing ‘Momma’ wasn’t dying…just her frail, worn body. One said to me, “That was so good! I hadn’t thought what was really going on here. Thank you.” Some one may be truly ‘touched’ by a good song, or maybe even the reality of ‘what’s going on’ during a friend’s or loved one’s passing…and in the heart of a room mate. Thanks.


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