Healing Our Younger Selves

The following comes to us from Chaplain Larry Limbaugh in Winter Park, FL. It is a marvelous tool for helping all of us – especially our precious residents – heal many parts of ourselves that we may not even realize are hurting.

We just finished an experience with Stakeholders and Residents as we focused on healing our younger selves. This powerful outline of hope is taken from a book entitled I Can Make You Happy by Dr. Paul McKenna.

Several people were in tears as

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they remembered the hurt and struggle of their younger years, but the good news of all this is that there is an exercise to heal our younger hurting selves. Involving the following:

1. Travel back as far in time as you need to remember a time when you hurt or struggled.

2. See the scene in black and white. Freeze the action at the point when the hurt is the worst.

3. Now float your adult self into that scene and talk directly to your younger self.

4. Tell the younger you that you are here from the future and everything is going to be fine.

5. Tell the younger you that you value and love them without reservation or condition.

6. Tell the younger you that the adult you survived because of the incredible strength of the younger you. Tell the younger you any other information that will help the younger you feel better.

7. Vividly reach out and embrace the younger you until you feel warm and loved. Make sure that the younger you feels accepted, loved and appreciated. Embrace as long as you need.

8. Now, place the younger you in your heart so that you can continue to feel that love. Continue to carry the younger you in your strong adult heart from this day forward.

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain
Winter Park Care & Rehabilitation Center

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