Miracle Story – A Powerful Moment

Miracles often are produced by the words we say, but often times they come just from who we are.

Witness the following miracle story from Chaplain Carl Caffrey in our Cleveland TN Facility:

I was making rounds one morning when our RSM’s flagged me down, and said— “Chaplain, please come to the Gym and speak/pray with one of our new residents.”

Our new resident’s name was Sam – and Sam was REALLY down and was not responding to any promptings to engage in his much needed therapy.  I came up to Sam and said “Hey, my name is Carl and I am the chaplain,” as I reached out my hand.

As soon as I said the word “chaplain”  – he began to break down and cry.

I prayed with Sam right then and there and I listened to his pain and to his painful story – pain that came from more than just his broken neck. Sam’s countenance literally changed from that telling and outpouring of himself to both me and especially to God at that moment. After that, the therapy team noticed a tremendous change in his demeanor.

God is at work, to be sure!  Thank God!

One thought on “Miracle Story – A Powerful Moment

  1. Chaplain Clif Smith

    Simply introducing ourselves will some times inoculate a spiritually minded person with a dose of hope that may have been jettisoned upon arrival at the door of this strange, new place where doubt may soon be dispelled by God’s presence in our skin and touch. On the other hand, a person whose life was previously so hecktic with daily business has been left ‘busily barren’ of spiritual input. Then God uses us to awaken their inner-most need…His presence…His hope…His plan for them that is just beginning…howbeit, late in life…just in time. As the angels carried the beggar Lazarus into ‘Abraham’s bosom’ (Luke 16:22) so might God’s angels deliver a frightened, wearied, soul to the bosom of our special care. It is with great anticipation I great each new day…here in Paradise.


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