Purpose Within A Purpose

Sometimes God makes his will to us known in the most amazing ways.

The following conversation comes from emails on our Company Prayer Chain and it brings to light a point that all of us should remember. As Angie McAllister so clearly says below: “Their purpose may be to teach us our purpose.”

The emails are shown in chronological order from the top downward and the Spirit is indeed present here in these words.

From Fred Jeans, Chaplain, Kenilworth Care & Rehabilitation Center

Please pray for Stanley Myers. Stanley is a resident who was a missionary his whole life. He has had what appears to be a debilitating stroke and it is indeed sad to see such a good and active man now in such bad shape.

From the time I started the Bible study, prayer group and choir, Stanley has been a regular. He told me that he wanted to be back in ministry so I had him start our Bible studies and choir sessions with prayer. He reads Scripture on Sunday morning worship, passes out song sheets and generally does everything he can. Join me in this prayer. Pray also for our little choir. Just a few weeks ago we had eleven people singing. Now we have five. Death and sickness have taken their toll. Ask God to add to our number.

From Dianne Timmering, VP of Spirituality

Dearest team: Please see prayer request below. I was struck by the power of Mr. Myers’ purpose.

From Angie McAllister, Director of Quality of Life

This reminds me of a precious Elder who lived in the home I worked at before coming to Signature. He had been a Pastor for many years and wanted so much to still serve in any capacity he could. He used to do devotions daily for our Staff members and other Elders. It wasn’t long he became our Volunteer Chaplain (because we didn’t have one) and he would go up and down the halls and visit new people and pray for the sick. He was in a wheelchair and had suffered a stroke as well. Then one day he became sicker and I remember him asking me “Why? Why can’t I just go on to be with Jesus and not be here suffering anymore?”. It was heartbreaking and we cried together.

I then responded by telling him all the good he had done for me and he had taught me so many things in our time together. So many times we don’t understand why things happen the way they do but be sure of this, there is always a reason.

I do love Mr. Meyer’s purpose just as I lovingly remember Bro. John’s purpose. Team, let’s continue to encourage our Elders to be purposeful for as long as they can be. Their purpose may be to teach us our purpose, something I learned long ago.

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