Miracle Story from Rogersville – A True Inspiration

One of the greatest joys we have in the Spirituality Department is the ability to report genuine miracles when we see them. Miracles can be defined either broadly or narrowly – we see God’s hand in all manner of events, but mostly we find them in other people.

The following Miracle Story comes to us from Steve McKinney, Chaplain in Rogersville, TN:

This dear resident took a fall many months back. In fear, she confined herself to a wheelchair and said “I will never walk again”.

I entered the side door of our facility this afternoon, and heard someone say “Hey preacher, look at me!” She said walking again makes her feel like a new person.

Our QOL director and I both have encouraged her to get out of the chair and walk. We have been praying together for six months for action!

Never give up on God – He never gives up on us. What a blessing!

Steve McKinney, Chaplain,
Signature Healthcare of Rogersville

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