Celebration Of Life

November is often a time for remembrance of both the joys and the brevity of life. As the leaves change and wintertime approaches, it is customary in many faith traditions to think of those who have passed on and the take some special time to remember them.

Such as is the case in our Brookwood FL facility as Chaplain Eddie Santana explains:

“On November 2, 2011, The Spirituality Department of Brookwood Gardens, located in Homestead, Florida, celebrated its annual Celebration of Life Memorial Service in honor of all those deceased residents who passed away during the year 2011.

Together with the celebration of this event, The Spirituality Department of Brookwood Gardens, joined by members of its Chaplain Advisory Board (CAB), inaugurated and blessed the facility’s official outdoor prayer space and garden created by Brookwood’s maintenance director, Mr. Troy Evans and members of the Nursing Staff.

Brookwood Gardens Prayer Space in Homestead, Fl

Family, friends and stakeholders gathered on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, traditionally known as All Souls Day by many Church traditions, to celebrate and remember over 76 residents who during the course of this year honored the Brookwood Facility by allowing it to care and serve them, especially during the last days of their lives.

After prayers and reflections expressed by the facility’s Director of Spirituality and members of the CAB, along with the ringing of bells after the reading of the names of all those who passed away, members of the activities department handed each participants  balloons filled with a sunflower seed and the name of a deceased resident tied to them by a white ribbon. As the participants gathered in a circle to pray the Lord’s Prayer the balloons were let go, allowing them to sail into the blue sky’s carrying along the seeds and the names of our beloved residents in hopes that where they landed a seed will be planted in their name.”

Eddie Santana, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens

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  1. Michael Cooper

    I enjoyed reading your report. I am interested in ways to remember my residents post-modem and to assist the staff in processing losses. Thank you.


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