Community Prayer Walk at Brookwood

Our Brookwood facility recently held a Community Prayer Walk in support of it’s Breathe Life Program. Chaplain Eddie Santana relates the details, along with pictures:

In support of a new program, entitled Breathe Life Therapy being initiated at Brookwod Gardens, the Department of Spirituality at that facility, partnering with Respiratory, Restorative, Nursing Assistants and members of the Rehab Services, kicked off the event with its first Community Prayer Walk.

Coordinated by Brookwod Garden’s Respiratory Nurse, Patty Ruffin, the prayer walk, lead by Chaplain Eddie Santana, Brookwood’s Director of Spirituality and joined by its Administrator, Mrs. Lucy Reese, accompanied 10 selected residents who participated in the activity. The goal of the activity is centered on increasing the lung capacity of the participating residents. The Prayer Walk is one of many activities being implemented in the facility to achieve this goal and incorporate the Breathe Life Therapy at Brookwood.

With the help of members of the Restorative, Nursing Assistants and Rehab team, the walk began with an opening prayer and blessing at the facility’s reception area. Given the beautiful 78 degree breezy Florida sunny weather, the residents were then wheeled to four different outdoor areas identified as prayer, praise and stand up stations. Encouraged by the team leaders of the different departments, each resident would be brought to a station where one of them would offer a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, while the others lifted their arms in an offertory gesture. After the prayer, those residents who were able, where asked to stand up and take a deep breathe while clapping their hands in praises to the Lord.” By having them lift up their arms, stand up, clap and take deep breathes, these residents not only were giving themselves a respiratory, breathing therapy, but also inviting the Spirit of the Lord into their lives”, stated Chaplain Eddie. “It felt so refreshing and relaxing just to go outside and be able to stand and breathe the fresh new air,” state one of the participating residents. “I felt God blowing new life into me” commented another.

The Breathe Life Therapy, a program being introduced by Signature HealthCARE in all of its facilities, hopes to prevent and help those residents who suffer from breathing problems from getting any further complications and possible risk of pneumonia. The Prayer Walk, which was held on Wednesday, November 30th, will be hosted by the Brookwood Department of Spirituality and offered on the first Thursday Morning of every month.

Eddie Santana, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens

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