Bonanza Ministry

Thank God I am me because I sure could not be anybody else. If something normal happened to me I would be in shock !!!

I am assisting in a funeral this Saturday for a resident who died yesterday evening. Our relationship was normal and I felt the family has been pleased with our care. My role is a prayer, playing the theme music from Bonanza and then relating how he ( Ed ) was able to make the connection between hope in Christ, accepting he could no longer ride a horse and the joy he received when he felt God sent him Bonanza reruns to watch every day at 3 PM. to remind him God knew his pain and sense of loss. I would see him about once a week around the time the show ended and he would say , “Ain’t God GREAT” !

I guess this is a God Event for sure.


Neal Myers, Chaplain
Bluegrass Care and Rehab

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