What Is Perfect Love? – From Chaplain Eddie Santana

This picture is a poetic example of perfect love.

The person in the box draped with the USA flag expresses what perfect love is by giving his life for each one of us, and the dog laying by the side of his master is the fruit of that love expressed by the practice of true friendship, loyalty and commitment.

Isn’t this what the Master of true love taught us to achieve perfect love?

Eddie Santana, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens

2 thoughts on “What Is Perfect Love? – From Chaplain Eddie Santana

  1. Chris Lawrence

    What does it mean to be perfect? The Greek word “perfect,” found in Matthew 5:48 is telios. According to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, it means “brought to its end, finished, wanting nothing necessary to completeness, perfect, full-grown, adult, mature.” Uses of this word in the New Testament show what it means to be perfect. from “anewchristianity.org” we find this – “The Greek word telios derives from the Greek word telos. The meaning of telos is ‘to set out for a definite point, or goal’ or ‘the point aimed at as a limit’. Think of the pole vaulter in the Olympics who sets out to vault 19 ft. 6 inches (the olympic record). His goal is to go over the bar, so when he clears the bar, he will certainly have vaulted higher than 19 ft 6 inches, where the bar was placed. The bar then, is the point he is aiming at, as a limit. If we take this idea of ‘the point aimed at’ and apply it to Yeshua’s teachings from Matthew 5 verse 48, we find that our goal is to learn to love each other ‘at least’ as much as the Father loves us! Therefore, just as there is a range of heights from which the pole vaulter can choose a point to be aimed at, we learn from Yeshua that there is a range of love. This range contains not only a point to aim at, but it also has other points along the range that seem to be distinct and different. Some of these points along the range seem to be easier to understand, and to learn to have towards others, than others points along the range, but they are all points along the range of the same thing: love.

    It is not coincidence then, that the closer we come to the point we are aiming at – to love those around us, at least as much as the Father loves us – the closer we come to realizing the goal of becoming spiritual man. And what that means is that we don’t have to put these ideas together after all, because they are just different ways of talking about the same thing! Whether we refer to learning to live in higher self, and overcoming the lower self; or we refer to learning to love others through agape, the un-earnable love which the Father has for us; we are still learning to put the needs of others ahead of our own needs.” Let us press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling… Chaplain Chris

  2. Rev. Ronnie Case

    These are some of the thoughts on perfect love from our facility.
    Perfect love is;
    Expressed Love: 1st John 3:18
    Extended Love: The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:34
    Compassionate Love: 1st John 3:17
    An Active Love: Going the second mile, sharing, giving, going, doing, and sacrificing.
    Rewarding Love: Matthew 5:12 -“The Beatitudes”
    It is so interesting to hear the many illustrations with regards to “Perfect Love”


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