A Special Signature Thank You

A wonderfule special thank you from our Chaplain in Rogersville, TN to the entire Signature Family.

In Chaplain Steve McKinney’s own words:

“I am attaching a photo of my grandmother who was a resident here for about nine weeks. She practically raised me as a child. My mother was a RN in our local hospital and my dad is an insurance salesman, and often they were working days and nights. My grandmother filled that void.

My grandmother is certainly happy being home. But, what stands out the most to me is that she was even happier in our facility. She was surronded by loving and caring people. She received the attention not because she was labeled “the chaplain’s grandmother”, but because she is a creation of God and a person that needed help. The CNAs, the housekeepers, the nurses, the dining staff, and therapy all filled the void in my grandmother’s life.

I can not thank the staff of our facility and the therapy department enough for their love and care for her during her stay. She came with a hip fracture and is healthier now than ever before.

In the photo, she is celebrating her 94th birthday. That was this last Sunday. I am blessed to have Signature as part of my family!”

Steve McKinney, Director of Spirituality
Rogersville, TN

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