A Special Tribute to Therapist Gary Thrash from Riverview

The following is a tribute to Therapist Gary Thrash from our Riverview facility in Prestonsburg, KY who passed away recently after a battle with cancer. Special thanks go to Missy Allen, Nathan Thomas, Tiffany Newsome and Cindy Hunt for all their help in making this special posting a reality.

Gary’s death has indeed left a hole in the lives of a great number of people, both in his community in general and at Signature in particular. At age 65, he may have lost his battle with cancer, but everyone certainly remembers not only his life and his spunk, but also all those many things about which he was passionate.

“Gary was an outstanding supporter and ambassador for the University of Pikeville” the local paper said about him and absolutely this was true. He was a Residence Hall Director there, president of the Alumni Association and longtime scorebook keeper for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. He was even inducted into the school’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 1997, which is quite an accomplishment as he never actually played or even coached sports there at all!

Gary was perhaps best known and loved by those that we here at Signature care for the most – our dear residents. Riverview Health Care in Prestonsburg, KY was indeed blessed by his presence, and it will definitely be sad for residents like Johnny Wright, who used to talk about NASCAR with Gary all the time. I was even told that since Gary always said he wanted to have a corvette and was never able to get one, last Christmas he was given a little red Hot Wheels corvette  by a friend and coworker of his at Riverview!

He was indeed loved and will indeed be missed.

The love that so many people had for Gary is a very much a living thing all of its own, and while many people have cried many tears at the passing of our dear friend, we should all remember that our tears will also be interspersed with laughter too in the coming days, as we remember his big heart, his playful attitude and his loving kindness.

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