“Nowhere Else to Turn: Blind Faith in the Misery of Doubt” by Dianne Timmering

This thing about blind faith is just that sometimes it’s too hard and one loses all hope and can’t see. And worse, then we try to figure out how God will solve it or if He even can. So why pray? Especially since “impossible” has descended upon our head of thoughts and we wonder how one can ever be healed or helped. We can’t feel it or smell it and blind faith has taken on a whole new meaning of the impossible.

Maybe it’s the surrender to the impossible that allows an eke of petition that opens the horn of prayer. Maybe hopelessness or even “giving up” frees the vocal chords because there’s nothing to lose; what other voice or help is out there? What other choice? And we don’t know why, over the squeak of a scratchy prayer, but we feel better even in the shroud of doubt. So we cry and then the tears stop and we lift our head and see through the dim clearing. And God reaches out and finds us there and the prayer seed finds its first stem. And things start to happen even if we can’t see it. Could it be about the ask? How much is simple peace worth even if the torch is a single thread of flame. Misery leaves. Hope plants.

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you. Matthew 7:7

I love you all. Dianne

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