We Are Known as People of Prayer . . .

Signature HealthCARE it seems is becoming known as a place where prayer is accepted and appreciated – and this reputation is becoming more and more well known in the general community at large.

Jennie Hornsby related to us the story of how one of our Administrators in TN was recently presented with a great honor in the Tennessee Legislature – and it had to do with prayer:

“A great honor was bestowed upon one of our favorite administrators yesterday.  Representative Kelly Keisling invited Jeff Amonett, our administrator at Pickett, to open the House of Representatives Full Session with prayer.  With almost 100 Representatives present and a host of guests, Jeff was announced as a Minister, a husband, a father, and as a great leader of our Signature facility in Byrdstown, TN.  And this is exactly the proper order.

Jeff is a very humble man and will never boast about his accomplishments, but this was quite an honor and as always, he represented us with soft spoken humility and kindness,
and will go down in history as a part of the 107th General Assembly of the great state of Tennessee.

This is a perfect example of having an awesome relationship with your Legislator, and having them see your heart and the things that matter most. Thank you, Jeff!”

Jennie Hornsby
Director of Legislative Afairs,
TN Special Projects dministrator
Signature HealthCARE, LLC

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