Thoughts on Interventions

Some thoughts on interventions from Pastor Ronnie Case, Chaplain at Rivermont:

“I have been reading with great interest the testimonies with regard to the chaplain interventions. I have one I want to share.

One of our long time residents who has been notoriously known to complain about something almost constantly was placed on my “Chosen 5″ list for chaplain study about a year ago. I determined to visit, pray, and sometimes read to Mr. S___ on a daily basis.

This morning as I was making my morning rounds for prayer and devotions Donna, (ADM) and Denise (DON) mentioned how that Mr S
had changed so much! Their words were he was “so different!” I invited them to go in and pray with me this morning, and it was so obvious that Mr. S__ was a changed man! The visit was nice, warm, and peaceful, he rarely complains, and is filled a lot of fun and laughter.

I must admit that at the beginning my faith was a little “tested” with this resident, however now as I look back I can see where a little time, prayer, faith, and attention can change anyone, even the most troubled resident. Today I look forward to visiting Mr.S__ he is so fun to be around, always telling me something funny or informative.”

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at So.Pittsburg, Tn

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