“Amazingly Different – Testimonial from A Bellarmine Student” by Dianne Timmering

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer to the Entrepreneurial Strategy class in the MBA program at Bellarmine University. The course focuses on the
development of strategy from an entrepreneurial and new ventures perspective using analysis of case situations and development of new business ideas.

There were 30 or so students in the class and I spoke with them about the cross-pollination of business and the entrepreneurial spirit to build the Department of Spirituality into the largest
for profit multi-faith spirituality program in nation.

One of the students sent me the following email after the class which I wanted to share:


“I had to email you because I wanted to tell you how your lecture inspired me, while it was fresh on my mind.  Your speech was awesome.  I was encouraged as a young woman in Corporate America and a young woman evolving in her spiritual life… as I’m growing, maturing, and striving hard every day to be the Proverbs 31 woman.  Your lecture showed me that in my career I don’t have to be one or the other.  I can be a young savvy business woman and a devout spiritual woman.  I can and should be both.

Honestly, I was afraid to dialogue with you as freely as I would have liked, because of our setting.  However, I will say that your lecture was liberating!  When I left my MBA class tonight I was more uplifted and inspired than I have ever been from any other lecture in my whole MBA stent.

I think Signature Healthcare, LLC is doing a wonderful revolutionary thing and I was tremendously blessed tonight to make your acquaintance.  From our short meeting, I can tell you are a wonderful, courageous woman.”


LeAundrea H.


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