Revolution Partnerships – A Native American Spirituality Experience

The following story comes to us from Chaplain Tim Hill from our North Florida facility in Graceville, FL.

I wanted to share with you an awesome story that unfolded yesterday at North Florida. We have recently created a Hospice Wing at our facility, and God is beginning to fill
those rooms with some wonderful people. We had the opportunity to compassioonately love and take care of one of those residents over the past five days. She was 37 years old and a Native American (Navajo). It was very evident yesterday that she would not make it through the day.

In the last hour of her life, I was invited into her room and was amzaed at the people surrounding her: Our SHC CNA’s and nurses; A Covenant Hospice representative and nurse; Our DON, and one of our ADON’s; our Wound Care Nurse; and our Social Services Assistant.

When I entered the room, the unconditional love coming from our family was overwhelming! Our SS Asst. and Wound Care Nurse had printed off some Native American prayers via the internet, and handed them to me when I entered the room. One of them was the Native American translation of Psalm 23. I read this Psalm over our dear resident, as well as a few Navajo and Native American prayers in honor of her heritage. God’s peace rushed into that room and her heart, and within a few moments she peacefully took her last breath on this side of eternity.

I thank God for the Revolution Partnerships (internally and externally). I thank God for His heartbeat of compassion and professionlism that illuminates through His people as we have been
called to do His work. Please pray with us for this dear family.

God Bless!

Chaplain Tim Hill
Signature Healthcare of North Florida

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