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We recently recieved some information about some of the great work Habitat for Humanity is doing here in the local Louisville Community and thought it would indeed be something to relate to everyone. Local Signature chaplains are working with the greater Spirituality department to try and identify possible candidates for Habitat Homes from within our stakeholder community.

The following article is about a CNA (working for another company here locally) whose life was changed by a Habitat House:

Kelley T. Helgeson, our own VP of Human Resources for Rehab was involved in the construction of this house and she related to us some comments by those who worked on it:

I found my participation in this Habitat build to be very rewarding. I always wanted to volunteer for this organization, and the experience did not disappoint. The gravity of the work hit me while I was painting the bedroom the family’s youngest daughter will occupy. That simple task, when combined with the tireless efforts of the Habitat build team, will change that little girl’s life forever. The room came to life as I envisioned pictures on the wall, her clothes in the empty closet, a bed and dresser in the corner…things I take for granted that will eventually transform those four walls into home for her.

I can only imagine the emotions I felt that day…for a family I have never met…would likely be multiplied 10-fold if I could participate in an SHC build for one of our CNA’s. Having just gone through CNA clinicals at SHC South, I was able to walk in their shoes for a brief moment and see the love and dedication they show to our residents. Being able to give a day of service to a SNF as a CNA is already a blessing, but sharing my time to give a CNA a home…that would be the epitome of servant leadership.

Would YOU perhaps be interested in helping out Habitat for Humainty in the local Louisville area? It’s real easy to get involved – just go to their local website at: and click on “VOLUNTEER”. It’s that simple.





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