EVENT – Representative for Senator McConnell to Visit Four Courts Facility

Michael V. Biagi, Field Representative for U.S. Senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell, visited our Four Courts facility, located at 2100 Millvale Road in Louisville, KY on Monday July 23rd, 2012.

Mr Biagi is well versed in the healthcare industry and his visit was a great opportunity to hear and speak to him about concerns regarding it’s future.

Below is chaplain Graig Cantrall’s email to Mr. Biagi thanking him for his visit:

Mr. Biagi,

The residents, our Administration, our Quality of Life department and myself would like to thank Senator McConnell for having you come to our facility. The residents enjoyed their time with you and felt that it was engaging as well as informative. By coming to speak with our seniors you have improved their quality of life by allowing them to have purpose in the upcoming elections.

Please express our gratitude to Senator McConnell for taking time to hear from our seniors which allows them to stay in contact with something they have been involved in most of their lives; politics. We look forward to working with your office again in the future.

Grace & Peace,

Craig Cantrall, Director of Spirituality
Four Courts @ Cherokee Park


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