Prayer from the Elderserve Luncheon

Recently our CEO Joe Steier and several company’s representatives attended a luncheon hosted by Elderserve, Inc. in Louisville, KY where Joe was presented with the 2012 Champion for the Aging Award.

Our Vice President of Spirituality, Dianne Timmering, offered the prayer for the luncheon, the text of which is presented below.

Dear God. We love you so much and are honored to be here today as a collective community to celebrate life in any season.

We thank you because we can gather freely and express ourselves in whatever multitude of manner we might choose. We thank you for the opportunity to serve both you and our precious elders. Stay with us always.

Put your loving arms around us and the vulnerable people we serve. Let us not turn a blind eye to such wisdom perhaps still unlocked in their grip. Let us embrace their wisdom and exquisite beauty.

Thank you for their service and courage in the building of our nation and the loving care they provided to so many of us in the room. We are a byproduct of their greatness. Let us never forget this, and that purpose reigns in every breath.

Bless Elderserve and all their affiliates and their 50 great years committed to nurturing a maturing life still so full with many gifts to give. Bless the businesses and organizations represented here today. Bless all to overflow. Pressed down shaken together. Bless this food. Bless it to the nourishment of our body. And bless all hands. Amen.



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