“Debbie’s Story” by Chaplain Carl Caffrey

This morning the nurse who lost her granddaughter in the gun accident in late June came to me and told me a wonderful story of faith about her daughter, Haylee (who lost her daughter).  The story speaks of the little gift that SHC Cleveland gave their family. She wanted to thank her Cleveland SHC family.

This morning Debbie came by my office and shared this wonderful, powerful story of faith with me. She asked that I would write about it and share it. It is below.

Chaplain Carl Caffrey

Less than two months ago, Debbie, nurse here at Signature Healthcare of Cleveland, lost her precious 3 and a half year old granddaughter, Kydalynne in a tragic gun accident. Debbie’s dear daughter, Haylee, mother of Kydalynne, had a beautiful assurance of God’s comforting presence and of Kyky’s well being in Christ.

A couple of weeks ago in West Tennessee, where Haylee is presently living, a scary summer storm hit the area. Haylee was cooking a meal for her and her boyfriend when the storm grew very strong and blew out the electricity. Everything went dark. The oven off; electric totally out.

Before we move on, I must give a little background to this great story. When Kydalynne passed, Signature Healthcare of Cleveland did not send a Peace Lilly (as is usual), but decided to send Debbie a porcelin Church furnished with a Christmas light (night light), electically powerd, of course. Since Kyky always used a night light, Haylee leaves the little church light on…always.

That night when the storm was really rolling in, Haylee and her boyfriend made their way to the safest part of the house, which was the bathroom. (With all the bad storms that have come through TN in last couple of years, taking cover was the only wise thing to do.) As they made their way through the house to the safe room, they noticed the TV was off (of course, no electricity) and all the lights were off, as expected.

However, as they passed the bedroom where the church was they noticed that a light was on. They were awestruck to find the light in the Church glowing! Yes, the electrically powered little night light was shining brightly! They sensed the presence of the LORD! The Lord was with them through this, and there was also His sweet assurance that Kyky was just fine with her Savior in Heaven.

God is faithful! God is soooo GOOD! God Bless You!

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