“We Believe In Healings, Part II” by Peggy Kibler, SDC, Cedar Hills

I felt compelled to share this with you…. As I was in the ICU yesterday with my friend (Mary) that was on life support, I watched as her life flowed out of her, no matter what meds were given (epinephrine, atropine and bicarb) she was gone, life had left and death had overtaken her body. And I stood there praying that she would still be alive (even in a comatose state) so her daughter and granddaughter (12 yrs old) could make it back in the room.


You see the last image that the young granddaughter was going to have to live with was trying to help her mother place Mary on the floor so they could begin CPR and rescue arriving and try to revive her….. with all evidence before me and the nurses who were administering the meds and providing care, that was not going to happen. They arrived to the room just a few brief minutes too late and the granddaughter just spun around on her heels and left the ICU unit before seeing her grandmother again and getting to say goodbye.


As I went to comfort the granddaughter in any way that I could, she cried and held onto a letter that her grandmother had written and sent to her in the mail not long before… she decided that she wanted to see her grandmother, so I went to make sure that Mary was appropriately presentable and as I walked into that ICU room, Mary had a pulse and BP and her color had returned (she remained in a comatose state but there was a form of life present) I looked at the doctor and she said “she’s back for a little while.” I quickly went and got Samantha (granddaughter) and told her she could go and talk to her grandmother……Samantha was able to see her grandmother in a peaceful state and she was able to get some closure before she was gone…. God didn’t give us the miracle of giving Mary back to us, but He sure gave a lot of healing to that daughter and granddaughter in the last few minutes of Mary’s life here on earth. God cares about us and takes care of the details……


Peggy Kibler
Jacksonville, FL

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