The Miracle Story of Baby Athena

Every once in a while there is a miracle that makes you want to stop

and thank God for all the good things he has given us. No more is this true than in the case of little baby Athena from Ormond Beach, FL.

The following is her story as told to the Signature Prayer Chain over a period of almost two months. If you need real life example to inspired you about the wonderful works of God, read on . . .

November 28, 2012:
I would like to ask prayers for little baby Athena. She is currently in a hospital in Miami undergoing further tests. Her blood work is stable at this time. She has not gained any weight and there is still reluctance to operate due to her size. She was originally hospitalized with RSV and the doctors cannot operate until 6 weeks after diagnosis. She is still in congestive heart failure and has a feeding tube. She is unable to drink from a bottle. If they don’t operate she will die, and the risks are great with surgery. Please continue to pray for this precious little child.

December 6, 2012
Baby Athena is scheduled for her heart surgery this Friday Dec. 7th. Please pray for this precious baby that the surgery will be successful and pray for her mom. Athena’s dad is trying to get home from Africa but it doesn’t look like he will be here in time for the surgery. Please lift this family in prayer, as well as the surgeon and the entire team in the operating room’; may God guide their hands during this surgery. I will keep everyone posted on her progress. Thank you for all the prayers, I know that’s what has gotten her through this far.

December 9, 2012
Baby Athena‚Äôs surgery was successful! They were able to take her off the respirator within 24 hours which is what they were hoping for. They say she is “feisty” and fighting back strong. Thank you for prayers and please continue to pray for a complete total healing. I will keep you updated.

December 17, 2012
Please let everyone know that baby Athena is home from the hospital! She has no tubes and is not on any medications. She has amazed everyone. This truly is a miracle. Thank you everyone who has been praying for her, and please continue to lift this family in prayer. I know they are very appreciative of the prayers and support they have received.

January 20, 2012
God has answered our prayers for baby Athena – she is just a beautiful baby girl who is eating and gaining weight. The doctors have said there would be no need for any further heart surgery for the rest of her life, it was taken care of! God is wonderful and I thank everyone out there who has prayed and continues to pray for Athena.

Below are current pictures of this little miracle herself:




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