“Opening Doors” by Chaplain Steve McKinney

Being inter-faith here at work has opened so many doors in my ministry. I really was skeptical at first about trying to approach people on neutral ground. But isn’t that exactly how Christ did it? Meeting people where thay are and not where we think they should be. The nuetral ground allows us to “show” the love of God. The good Lord knows sometimes we surely mess up trying to “tell” the story correctly. I’m thankful.

Deb, our housekeeper, has a grandson that has been caught up in the drug problems as are many teens. This weekend he stabbed and killed a local war veteran to death for pain medication. The scene was horrific and one of the worst homicides in our community ever. She is at work today and said she gains strength from knowing that her family here supports her. We are going to have a special prayer with her this afternoon. She is very shaken and distraught but strong in her faith. I know she appreciates your prayers.

Angela, our RSM, is simply a God-send to us. She has such a warm personality and is a Spirit-filled warrior! She and I have done interventions together. We are currently working on a success stroy that is a true miracle of a resident. I will gladly work with her to start any program that will help our elder’s heal quickly and completely.

I truly see Spirituality as the cornerstone for true change in our revolution. I would like for you to also tell how much our facility is able to utilize this pillar in our building. Our mission and vision is about change. So is God’s plan for our lives. Daily renewal and changing our lives so that others can be “new creatures”. Created in His image, I hope we look in the mirror and realize that each day we represent His work!

I am happy to be a reresentative of this company and to know that God has a place in our decision-making and the future of it! God bless you Dianne and all of us that serve!

Steve McKinney, Director of Spirituality
Signature Healthcare of Rogersville


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