Spirituality And Wellness Fairs

One of the great partnerships at Signature is that of the Spirituality Department and of our Wellness Fair Team. IT is more than just one particular group of people, but all departments everywhere pullinig together to promote wellness in our facilities and our Home Office too.

Below are some thoughts recently shared with us from Angela Ryan with  the BMG Group whihc helps us manage our Wellness Fairs:

Signature HealthCARE is starting 2013 with great success in wellness events! Stakeholders seem to be responding to the message and interest is building to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

A quick recap of the wellness events for the first quarter:

13 Facilities participated in a wellness fair and over 575 stakeholders received biometric screenings

The Chaplains are making a positive impact on the wellness fairs and stakeholders by creatively promoting total health of the body. Some events had photo booths, Bible quizzes, separate ‘relaxation rooms’, hand massages, to give you an idea

The Laughter Box provided by BMG has been a huge success bringing a respectful light heartedness to the stakeholders day

Breast Cancer Awareness & Mammography Campaign are included in all Wellness Fairs with 6 facilities being visited by the Mobile Mammography Coach

75 Stakeholders received mammograms through the Mobile Mammography Coach

Tobacco Cessation campaign received positive feedback from Administrators of the three facilities originally contacted. Two facilities recommended receiving specific educational materials and one facility started with an interest survey to analyze how to proceed further

Three additional facilities have been contacted to begin promoting the tobacco Cessation Campaign within their facilities

Communication to the facilities is continuing and growing since there is a strong correlation between engaged team leaders with higher response and participation in the wellness campaigns

We are excited to continue to partner together in building a healthy environment for all of Signature!

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