Blessing of the Hands – A Testimony From South Pittsburg

This past week we celebrated National Nurses Week in our facilities and one of the programs the Spirituality Department put forth to mark the event was our special “Blessing of the Hands” ceremony. Our chaplains performed this simple ceremony throughout our buildings for all those nurses whose hands care for our dear residents every day.

One beautiful testimony in particular that we wanted to share comes from Donna Adams, the Administrator at South Pittsburg which shows just how much this work is appreciated. It’s posted below and thanks so much to Donna for sharing it with us:

Just wanted to take a moment to share what a true blessing the “Blessings of Hands” has been within our facility this week.

Being a nurse myself I can honestly say nurses are often times viewed as the strong warriors who can handle it all!! They appear to have this magical touch that makes everything feel better instantly. All nurses seem to need is a Band-Aid and everyone becomes happy.

They appear to be actual Superstars at what they do. For instance; they multi- task, deal with difficult residents, stand on their feet for long hours, they don’t slow down to eat, they handle blood and emergency situations as they always put others before themselves while smiling and leading by example desiring to serve more. A nurses mindset and heart is so full of passion to serve others that they would NEVER have a thought of slowing down to recognize anything about themselves especially their hands.

This week thru the “Blessing of Hands” the secret was revealed about myself, our Director of Nursing and our charge nurse staff. As nurses we really aren’t the Strong Warriors we appear to be. Nurses are people with needs who also need a special touch and strength from God. This week our nursing staff was provided a sense of peace, empowerment of strength and a fresh anointing thru the “Blessing of Hands”. It was an awesome feeling to hear Pastor Ronnie not just speak over our hands but provide us that individual touch as if we were reminded we are God’s hands extended.

This truly made our nurses week extra special!

Donna Adams, Administrator
The Bridge at South Pittsburg


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