“Turn Your Ear To Me, Oh Lord” by Dianne Timmering

“Turn your ear to me, Lord, and hear me.” Psalm 85 (86)

My almost three year old niece, Lola, takes my head into her little hands when she wants to speak to me while I hold her resting on my hip. Those little hands come up and press into my cheeks and she positions my face so that our eyes meet and she is certain that I can hear her.

When she does that, I am reminded of the scripture that God so loves and if He “does” for and takes care of the birds of the air (Matthew 6:26), how much more will He do for His children who love Him. I truly don’t think there is anything I would deny Lola if she asked me–so precious, so earnest, so attentive to what she is trying to convey and wanting to make sure I understand just what she is asking.

So I envision myself putting God’s glow into my hands and positioning His face just in front of mine. And we talk, and He listens and He smiles and we are together and nothing frightens me and blessings arrive.

Tell Him your thoughts, your deepest hearts desires. Tell Him what scares you, ask Him for help in any situation. Be specific. Tell Him what you need. He is listening.

Lord, you are magnificent, I tell Him today. Because He is and I feel like telling Him this. And then I ask: bless all our people and their families with protection, healing and the favor of plenty. Amen.

Love to all,


Dianne Timmering, EMBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC


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